Any good Creeks in Buckley-Enumclaw area?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by see trout, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. New to area. I Know of a few creeks in area but none that are good. How bout Newakem in Enumclaw. Heard it actually has some decent fish. Please help.

  2. Creeks, streams and beaver ponds don't open until June 1st. So I hope you are not fishing them yet.
  3. I know that they don't open till June 1st, but i want to know were some good place to go are when it does open.

  4. Justin Hi,
    I'm not well versed on the creeks in your area, beings I live north of Seattle. I've always wondered about the upper Green River, seems to me I read that it might have some small trout in it.
    Years ago the Huckleberry Creek north of the National Park used to be a favorite. There has been extensive logging in the area recently but it might still be a nice spot. I've hiked the Hucklleberry Creek from Sunrise to the park boundary. It's beautiful wilderness, and very difficult because they don't maintain the trail anymore. Still, the lower creek is accessable and probably worthwhile.
    Another creek I've had an interest in is the Clearwater River. It's entirely in privately owned land but they do issue permits.
    Look for creeks with good year round water supply, ones that don't dry up. Elevation is important too, as is remoteness, so that you're not fishing the same water as everybody else. Catch and release.
    And keep your good spots quiet or then won't be good for long. :THUMBSUP Flyfisher Frank
  5. the green is good come june i fish from the meat hole all the way to the closer at the dam there are lots of fish in the green water river and meny small creeks up the 7400 road a small lake up off the 7500 road plus buck creek area there are mosty small fish but there are alot of them and u will see your fare shere of big ones to. i wish june would get here soon i have been haveing truble caching fish in lakes so far this year

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