Any ideas for fly fishing rivers near Olympia?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Paul Reiter, May 27, 2012.

  1. Been looking for ideas on where to find a good trout river spot starting from home in Olympia/Tumwater and traveling up to a couple of hours each to buying any recommended books on the subject as well. I know there are hundreds of rivers but I'm hoping someone can point me specifically to a good stretch of one. Drove out to Elbe area around Mt. Rainer yesterday and saw that in downtown Elbe was a pretty decent sandbar in the river there. Hope to do a fair amount of fishing while I am living here and working for The State of WA this year, and especially next weekend.

    PS I don't have a boat or float tube, just waders.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. The little D and the skookumchuck.
  3. To the south, in addition to the two options mentioned already, both the TIlton RIver and Skate Creek (both off Hwy 12) are two of the few rivers in the state stocked with rainbow trout. You might also think about exploring the Cispus River and its tributaries. Later in the summer, hatchery searuns will return to the Cowlitz River. To the west, there are several rivers flowing off the east flank of the Olympics that can be fun to fish; consult your Washington Gazetteer. To the east, you are still only two and half hours over I-90 to fish the upper Yakima and its tribs. Or head over White Pass and fish the Naches and its tribs.

    And closer to home, you have beaches with wild searun cuttthroats in the lower end of Puget Sound and off Hood Canal.

    And did I mention steelhead......

    A year won't be enough.......

  4. The biggest problem with small streams: finding them in the regs. If it's in the Puget Sound Drainage and not specifically listed it's closed.
  5. The Tilton is a really fun river to fish.12" is a monster but 8-10" fish are all over the river and eager to feed.Last time I fished the Tilton had a 30 fish day with 4 or 5 in the 12" range.
  6. The Satsop river over by Brady is a good spot. you can wade their with no problem.
  7. Wow, I appreciate all the info! I will be trying to follow up!
  8. Follow the squiggly blue lines, explore. I lived in Oly in my college days and ya just need to get out. I won't tell you what I found but it was all good.

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  9. Right. Squiggly. Check. Blue. Check. Lines. Check.
  10. I fished the Little Deschutes around Pioneer Park area on Saturday and fished it hard. I only caught 3 little cutthroat fry. Barely 4-5 inches. Feisty little bastards though :) Also yelled at at least 3 people blatantly poaching with powerbait and worms! Figured thats why I could only hook a little guy because they get poached out pretty hard in that area. I doubt the people I yelled at even had a license. It such a shame that people like that just dont care. :mad:

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  11. Hope you were fishing upstream of the Henderson Blvd bridge, otherwise they should have yelled back since the Deschutes isn't open in Pioneer Park until the first Saturday in June.

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  12. The best river around Olympia is the fly fishing only Little Olystone for its native coastal cutthroat trout. From its lower meadow reaches to the upper boulder-strewn runs, Little Olystone cutthroat average a good 16", providing a high quality regional recreational resource. The summer caddis hatches will soon be on, and it reminds me of the time I rose my best Olystone cutthroat to a tan size 16 EHC right behind a sunken Safeway shopping cart. (How'd a shopping cart get way out here?) That cutthroat was over 21" if it was an inch. My favorite place to fish the Little Olystone is the Secret Spot. It's the Secret Spot because it's one of the few prime pools that is nowhere near a bridge crossed by a public road. If you didn't sneak past five "No Trespassing" signs, you aren't at the Secret Spot.

    Time to pour another shot . . .
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  13. Yes I know where the boundary is and what the regulation states. I only used Pioneer park as a reference point. Thanks for jumping to conclusions.
  14. Little Olystone? Secret Spot? I cannot even find a creek, stream or river by that name on any of my maps or charts. Must be really secreat! :eek:)
  15. Salmo_G is pulling your leg.
  16. Whadaya' mean? I totally gave it away. You should have seen all the PMs I got for being a "kiss-and-tell" fisherman. Maybe you need a better map. Or better map reading skilz?

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  17. No good fishing here move along move along
  18. "Whadaya' mean? I totally gave it away. You should have seen all the PMs I got for being a "kiss-and-tell" fisherman. Maybe you need a better map. Or better map reading skilz?"

    Nah, map reading "skilz" are fine. Just didn't realize I needed the map written in hieroglyphics.

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