Any of you who know (or are) active duty on/near JBLM, please read

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  1. This is a good, but bad post at the same time. With the war in Afghanistan winding down a bit (which is good), the amount of wounded we are seeing has been slowing down through our WTB (Warrior Transition Battalion). Which is a damned good thing I must repeat. But with the slow down of soldiers, we've seen a slow down in participants in our JBLM Project Healing Waters program. Of course our VA's are going along great.

    Here's the deal. We've never been just a "wounded warrior" program here in the NW. Chuck and I are under the mindset "If you've served, you deserve to participate". We have soldiers who already do show up to tie who aren't hurt. Again, being on a base in a WTB, we have turnover. Just happens. Either the wounded are med boarded out or return to duty or the non injured PCS to another post or deploy. We do have ups and downs ever since the program started years ago. But has slowed down quite a bit. So if you know soldiers who have been interested in learning to tie, send them over. They don't need to be injured (mental or physical mind you), just need some time to ease their souls. We have an open program.

    Just one thing. We are a "program for life". We just don't toss vets in a boat and take them fishing. It's much more then that. Why we insist on the tying. Even if you know how to tie and want to sit in, please do. We tie, BS, tie some more, BS some more. If you need casting instruction, we happen to have an FFF certified instructor in our program. Lastly, we will toss you on the water. I try to run a good camp, and have a few soldiers on here who now are good friends who are consistent participants (when they're in country anyways lol). I'm very big on the "Mi casa, su casa", or however you spell/say it. When you're with us, you're family. I'll do whatever I can for you, just need you here to help. :)

    So the offer is on the table. We meet every Tuesday at 1500 at the WTB bldg 09057 (new barracks on the south side of Madigan). If you're interested, I can give you more info.
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  2. I'm PCS'ing soon, but thanks for what you do!

  3. Come on in! We have guys who've only had a couple weeks sit and tie with us. If it inspires you to look for a program at your next station, then well worth it!
  4. Jerry,

    I think its been about a year since I started coming over to the WTB and tying on Tuesdays, I heard about it from James and he insisted that I come in and hang out. Since then I have had a great time every Tuesday whether I am there for an hour before I go into work or I hang out and help close up. I have met a lot of great guys in there and friends that I will have for many years. Project Healing Waters is one of the best groups that I have been apart of and they have helped me get out on the water and fish the flies that we have tied. And the trips are a great time too. I encourage anyone that has been in the military and is even just looking for a place to hang out and BS about fishing, deployment, the military should come in and learn a few things from the great guys that we have at Project Healing Waters.

    P.S. I wont be able to make it tomorrow my show time got moved up to 1500 so it looks like night shift is going to keep me from tying every once in awhile. But this is my last week of night shift for a while. Woot Woot.
  5. Well hell, what do I need to bring? I'll try to stop in tomorrow and say hi.
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  6. you don't need to bring anything they have materials and vices for you to use, or if you want bring your own stuff and share some knowledge.
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  7. Just bring yourself. I probably won't be there until after 1700, and looking more like 1800 at this point. You can bring your own stuff if you like, but we have vises and materials to tie with.
  8. I'll probably be there right at 1500, unless no one will be there. I can bring my own stuff, don't want to use your guys stuff all up. Save it for guys who need it more.
  9. We have plenty. We've had some very generous donations, and of course the materials are for YOU. ;) I'd say get there around 1530 just to be safe. I know Chuck (the regional coordinator) will be there by that time. We have another retired army vet who normally tries to get us opened at 1500, but sometimes he's a little late too.
  10. Capture12.PNG
    Just in case anyone needed some help finding it. the star indicates the entrance to the bulding, when you go in just look past the duty desk and go into the room there will be a few "scary" looking guys in there and that is the group.
  11. I'm just down the road at Group. Hopefully nothing stupid pops up and I will be able to make it.
  12. Oh oh, another long tab. Lol. We have a couple.
  13. ha ha ha you just cant get away from the "Special" guys can you Jerry.
  14. I'll throw my tying gear in the truck tomorrow and see if the gate kiddies let me in.
  15. Jerry,

    Great program! I wish we had that here at my VA.

  16. Oh man, no long tab here! My hair isn't cool enough and I like to actually do work!
  17. Im gonna keep this bumped up to the top to see if we can get any more active duty or vets to come down and tie.
  18. Good meeting everyone tonight. I'll have to get some guys from work to come over next time.
  19. the more the better ill be there next tues. When do you PCS?
  20. June 20th, report to Bragg on the 10th of July. Chasing reds on the flats with my buddy in Wilmington by the 20th of July. I'm already planning leave for Sep 2015 for salmon. I'm not looking forward to leaving here, this place kicks ass. Fayetteville on the other hand sucks ass.

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