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  1. Just wondering if anyone has been getting out after Mr. Mykiss now that the rivers have opened back up. I know there have been a couple mentions here and there, but I'd love to see some more reports--especially if people have been catching fish! I, unfortunately, have had no such luck. Been out a couple times, but it's mostly been feeling like practice with the spey rod I got back in March and was only able to use once (twice, if you count Occupy Skagit). Note: I'm not expecting to hear about where, when, or how you fished. Just would love to hear a few fishing stories if folks have them.

    Anyway, as for my own report: haven't seen a fish, haven't felt a fish, haven't even seen anyone else get one.

    BUT, I've gotten out twice with my dog on a nearby river, and it's been really nice both times. I've found a spot on this particular river that requires a bit of a hike from the parking area, so that when I get to the run I've had it to myself every time I've gone (a couple times this last winter, a couple times this month). The dog has been pretty funny. She's still a bit young, and gets bored easily when we aren't hiking and romping through the river and woods like we do when I'm trout fishing. It goes like this when I'm swinging the two-hander.
    1. I step out and start casting.
    2. She sniffs around on the bank for a bit.
    3. She gets bored after about 15-20 minutes, and proceeds to start barking at me.
    4. I throw rocks for her and that keeps her occupied/confused and swimming around on her own for a bit. Or, we go find a side channel and throw sticks for a few minutes
    5. Repeat.

    An interesting thing I noticed on Friday. I went to the river in the evening (and had been there the previous weekend). The water level had dropped noticeably, but the water was colored up quite a bit. Kind of unexpected, but I guess it makes sense in some ways.

    Not much of a report, I know. But just thought I'd share some fun times. I'll try to get a pic of the dog up later tonight at home. If you ever see a black dog with huge bat ears on the river, that's me and Masha--feel free to say hi.

  2. I've been out something like 13 times since the opener and have hooked and played two fish but couldn't seal the deal and had maybe 3 other grabs. Its been okay.
  3. I hooked into one on sunday. It was my first cast and it surprised me so I didn't get a good hook set. Lost it as soon as it ran out of the hole. Another fisherman on the river said he saw one.
  4. Stew said the sky was rocking..
  5. Went out today, similar to Jason's report. More dog and casting practice than anything. Saw a few chinook rolling around. All I have to report really, is that it was great to be out, and even though went tugless, felt good to be out, felt fishy, just a matter of time. Hoping that matter of time is not a long time. Water was up a little over last few days (usgs flows), from warmth and a little rain, but good color and gave me some more itch. Great day on the water, and overall encouraging, because its only going to get better. What I would take from the above reports, and mine, it's a good day to fish. I'll be bitter after I go a few more fish less trips, hopefully I just stay clamlike and happy because start pulling on some fish.
  6. I've fished the NF Stilly 3 times, for a couple hours each time, with no fish. I fished the Sky today for the first time this season and was 1 for 1 with the hottest fish I've hooked in a long time.

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  7. The Cowlitz is DEAD. Let me repeat, the Cowlitz is DEAD. A friend and I drifted from Blue Creek to Mission. Flows were great, cast flies that should have worked, pounded spots known to hold fish in the past. No runs, no hits, no errors. Yeah, yeah, we may be a touch early but the trend is not encouraging, especially after the very disappointing late winter run. There were 2 trailers in the parking lot at 7:30 and two bank anglers at Blue Creek.
  8. This is real crappy news for the above Bonneville crowd.

    My report suggests the Columbia's shad are fun to catch and will keep you busy, the steelhead likely won't.

  9. The hottest fish I ever fought was a spoon hooked fish on that river. 'Twas August I believe. The first jump is still clear as a bell 10 years later. Anyway, thanks for the walk down memory lane, and congrats. :)

    EDIT: For completeness...I'm including a picture of my favorite steelhead...LOL

  10. spoons are so sweet
  11. I have fished stilly with no luck. I have however seen guys with some hatch brats walking out a couple time. Im thinking the feeshes aren't in larger numbers on the stilly yet.

    As for the sky on open day, I scared the piss out of two both times wading across. I wanted to kick myself in the face for not fishing these areas before I waded
  12. Hey, thanks for the reports guys.

    Nice to hear some people are finding fish. Both times I've been out felt super fishy as well--I don't know what it was, things just seemed right. Can't beat this weather lately, though I would guess the bright sun is probably keeping the fish down unless it's early or late in the day.

  13. Only thing I've heard of coming out of the sky are kings. I pulled a nice king out of a certain river south of Olympia last week, but that's it for me.

    Regardless of fish, I'm game to give it a go this weekend if you are. My dog situation is eerily similar...but she's 6. :)
  14. I got a super late returning winter fish the sunday before last. It took like a log but fought like a bull. Wasn't a kelt either, he was about as big around as my upper leg and sitting around 34 in long. still fairly bright as well. I doubt he had been in there more than a week.
  15. Headed to the sky for a few days, before I head up to BC. Any suggestions, I've never been there?
  16. Fished the Sky again today. Pulled this one and a late wild winter fish from the same pool as yesterday's fish.

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  17. The Summer Run crack heads are starting to show themselves in larger numbers on the Sky it appears. Mid size early 90's sedans seem to be the bait of choice.

    Business as usual.
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  18. Been doing well for trout while swinging for steel on the west end summers for me quite yet. I'll be at it again tomorrow if anyone happens to be in the Forks area.
  19. What do you mean by larger numbers?

  20. More than 15 steelhead
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