Any Spooky Fishing Stories?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Breck, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. In the spirit of Halloween, I was curious to see if anyone has ever had something spooky happen to them while out fishing and wanted to share.

    Happy Halloween,

  2. Yeah. My experience wading the incoming tide on a eelgrass flat, and getting surrounded by the tide and finding the only one access back to the beach by making a zig then, a zag up to my chest before getting the hell back! Trust me, it got scary....spooky! It was no treat.
  3. That's truly a terrifying tale, dfl.
  4. I was waist deep in the Deschutes a couple summers ago having a great afternoon clobbering chunky redsides when I looked across upriver a ways and could see something headed straight for me. As it grew closer, I realized that it was a huge rattlesnake swimming in a collision course right for me. What made my predicament even scarier was that I was wading in a garden of greased bowling balls. I managed to get out of the way just enough and the rattler swam right by me, just downstream. Ugh.
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  5. I was casting in the salt just this evening in an area not far from a major chum creek. Lots of dogs going airborne and finning when I got there but I wasn't having any tugs on the line.

    Right about dark I heard a big "whoooosh" from somewhere out on the water! It was a spooky sound and all of a sudden the surface chum action ceased!!

    It was a demon of the waters!!! Yikes!!!! :eek:

    A very big sea-lion showed up and I watched as he caught and disemboweled two nice sized chum!

    The sea-lion was happy as were the seagulls who picked up the left-overs.

    Me, not so much, especially after reading another thread here about sea-lion encounters! I promptly waded into shallower water.

    A treat for Mr. Sea-lion.

    A not so good trick for me! :(
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  6. Once upon a time, a dude drove to Forks and tried to kill me and my friends with a huge selection of high end whisky. The end.
  7. I was by c post in February and it was about 30 degrees out and A guy comes strolling with back pack in shorts and a belly cut off t shirt drinking a tall boy stumbling on the banks. We exchange glances and carried on.

    About an hour later a game warden comes by and a sheriff and ask me if I have seen anything peculiar today. I told em some drunk ass was wandering the banks. They chuckled and left.
  8. One day last winter a bunch of us met up at Lone lake for a day of fishing, tailgaiting, and maybe an adult beverage or two. Well I mentioned in planning that i was bringing a half gallon of Crown left over from my wedding.

    Well about halfway thru the festivities, Steve Kokita showed up. I was just getting out of my boat to come join the fellas for lunch so I had not yet retrieved said bottle of Crown from my car.

    Well let me tell you, the look on Steve's face as it dawned on him that the tasty whisky was not ready for his consumption haunts my dreams to this very day. I still freak my wife out when I awake from a dead sleep shouting "DONT HURT ME STEVE!!!"

    That, my friends, was a close call.
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  9. All alone, night fishing rocky ford in early January, and a chorus of coyotes start howling and yipping from what sounds like right behind me. I wasn't ever in danger, bit Jesus what a spooky sound
  10. I swear on my life I heard a ghost ask me "Catch Any" while fishing a Brookie Stream in Montana one Augest evening. Like I don't believe in that shit but I heard it clear as day.
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  11. some kind of fish hitting my leg at full speed, probably a chum, scared da chit outa me, oh, and being shot at on the cowlitz 22 years ago....the rest of the horrors were and are for the fish.:)
  12. Yeah almost killed in the Whatcom Falls pipeline explosion as a kid while fishing, spooky?
  13. Sure, getting escorted off public land on the Sauk by 4 guys with revolvers. Spooky enough?
  14. um why?
  15. Caught a humpy. Next day I caught a triploid.
    Pretty spooky weekend for me.
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  16. This one made me laugh like hell...
  17. OP last year, with a couple buddies...we were walking into a nice spot to scope it out before we floated it the following day. It was dusk so we were hustling to make it to the river in time when we ran smack dab into this dude. He was so hopped up on something that we could hardly understand his 100 mph russian-english speak. All of us were wide eyed as we observed his erratic behavior and talk. We pretty much decided he just killed someone and the dumped the body and the spinning rod was his cover story. Reason #243 I carry when I fish.
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  18. Fishing the Ronde a number of years ago myself and a buddy had to move because a group of wild sheep were making their way down the cliff across the river from us and were dislodging enough rocks and other debris from the cliff into the river it was becoming perhaps a bit dangerous and at least scaring any fish that might be in the area. We moved downstream from where the sheep were coming down the cliff and continued to fish. The sheep eventually made their way down to the river and crossed over to our side. I didn't think much of it until my friend who was downstream of me yelled at me to turn around. When I turned around there was perhaps as many as 15 to 20 wild sheep standing not more than 10 feet away staring at me. To have a number of wild animals standing 10 feet away and staring at you is a bit spooky to say the least. Apparently they got board watching me, so they moved down to where my friend was and watched him for about 5 minutes before leaving.
  19. There was a story on another board about a guy pulling anchor on the Columbia river and as the anchor came up, an odor preceded it, and then a body.....Seriously.

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