Any Spooky Fishing Stories?

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  1. Or waiting for a crazed maniacal face to peer back, exclaiming "Heeeeeerrrrres Johnny!!!!" :eek:
  2. About a month ago i was fishing with my Grandpa on the Sacramento River in California, south of Red Bluff. It was almost dark when I heard a vehicle coming towards us. It was on private property in the middle of nowhere. We hid under the some of the very tall grass the grew along the banks. They were talking very faintly, and looked like they were up to no good. Luckily they left, and as for us, we left there like a bat outa hell.
  3. Holy crow!!! You must've been using about a 30-weight in order to toss him out there! :p;):p
  4. Whoops! I was fishing WITH my Grandpa. Funny how just a little error can make something sound so stupid. I'll fix that little error.
  5. I have a couple from the Middle Fork that happened over one summer a few years ago, but only Jeff Meldrum or Matt Moneymaker would give a shit...
  6. Man I love Sasquatch. HE EXISTS!
  7. Mine I guess you could call "spooky". Isn't scary, just more odd.

    I've posted this up around 4 years ago.

    I made my Dad a promise on his death bed I'd keep fishing. He was my main fishing partner my entire life. Most of my trips were done with him. So when he passed, it was really hard for me to get the umph to go. We did a yearly trip every year for salmon down at our property. Fished all the different rivers in Grays Harbor. Brad was still a tad young (or I should say, wasn't ready, I was pretty proficient salmon and steelheader at his age) but opted to take him. We did the Satsop that first day. My Dad absolutely LOVED the Wynoochee (hence, we had a cabin on it). But he did love fishing the Sop a lot. Heard the silver run was supposed to be good that year (my Dad died that July and I took Brad with me that October), and he loved fishing it for silvers. There's a hole I always nicknamed "Dad's slot". He always got first shot at it. I wasn't able to fish it until he fished through. He never told me why, it was just the way it was. We were drifting that day, and we came up to the slot. I pulled over and told Brad "Just a second, I need to do something". I had planned to just drift through it and fish from boat. But we used to drive down to it when the road was open years ago. I grabbed my old rod and said "This one's for you Dad". First cast hit a silver. Wasn't the brightest or the best, but a first cast fish out my Dad's favorite hole sent chills up my spine. Then, when I got home from the trip, I uploaded the pics off my digital. Brad had grabbed the camera out and took a pic as I was releasing the fish. Had no idea he had taken it.


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  8. That's "The Spokane River Homeless Hatch". I usually float/fish it early a.m and my back door is 100 yards from the river... Always interesting.

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