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  1. I spend a bit of time in the summer fishing from the bank and out of my drift boat in bear country. I carry bear spray but am starting to think I need to carry more for protection. What type of firearm should I consider? Handgun or long gun? I would prefer to scare a bear away but if that is not feasible let me know.
  2. This is an age old question with very polarized opinions. The firearm question is always answered best by what will you carry faithfully, not be annoyed by carrying it. In my upland forays I now carry either a 45 colt or 45 ACP. One is a wheel gun the other a 1911. This is because I'm already carrying a shotgun albeit a 20 or 28 gauge, not exactly a beat deterrent.
  3. I find that throwing rocks and making noise works.
  4. I'm hauling my Sig P226 in .40S&W, 14 rounds.
  5. When I was in Griz country in Montana, I carried a short-barreled 12 gauge stoked with slugs. I had cause to dispatch a medium-sized aggressive Black Bear with a .44 Mag prior to that; 5 good hits & it did the job, but the bruin ran a LONG way before it piled-up. Fortunately, it didn't run in our direction. .45-70 in a short lever-action carbine such as the Marlin Guide gun is a fav in Alaska. Whatever you chose, practice enough so if need arises, you're comfortable using it.
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  6. Well, from among all the blacks, griz, and browns I've had to shoot over the years, I can definitely say that a .380 is rather ineffective, a .40 works but it takes a couple of magazines sometimes, a .45 is about the same, and your best bet is a sawed off double-barrel shotgun with slugs though it's kind of bulky and awkward to pack around while you're fishing.

    I suppose at some point here I should throw in a little winky icon, so: ;).

    I seriously and wholeheartedly hope I never have to find out.
  7. Get a S&W 500 short barrel....squeeze, and hang on!!
  8. How about a Holland & Holland double rifle in .700 H&H. Each tube fires a 1000gr bullet. Try NOT to pull both triggers at the same time, yes?
  9. If you're gonna carry a gun:

    Winchester Defender or equivalent, 12 ga pump, plug removed, 3" mag slugs, with pistol grip and sling. Don't screw around with 00 buck or other such nonsense, magnum slugs lock to block. Anything less is just whizzin' on 'em, and it's not much more ungainly than .44 mag in shoulder holster, even in thick brush in overgrown clearcuts in SE Alaska.

    Bear spray works, in my opinion. Worse for the bear, better for you.

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