Anyone ACTUALLY received Scadden power stroke oars?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by CMustang1, May 4, 2013.

  1. I know this is a pro Scadden forum and will probably have to be my only post, but I have been waiting for almost 3, count them, 3 months for 2 sets of power stroke oars. One set was to be for using it frameless and the other for using with the frame. I still have not received either set. I was wondering if anyone who has ordered them since February 1, 2013 has actually received them. I know he has substituted the lite speed oars for the power strokes on some occasions, even though that is not what the customer wanted.
  2. Scadden has supporters and non-supporters here. Have you called them? Sawyer makes the power stroke oars. Maybe Scadden and Sawyer have some supply and demand issue. I had two sets of the power strokes with my three person scadden boat. Very powerful and responsive.

    I hope you'll find more reason that this topic to stick around and enjoy the forum.
  3. Yeah, member Gregg Lundgren was awaiting Power Strokes for his Assault XX in this thread of his:

    I don't know if he's received them yet but perhaps what he'd posted about the problem might be informative.

    Edit: And I'll add to Ed's recommendation to not be just a one-time poster here. Lots of great folks on this forum with lots of info (not to mention all the really weird humor!) ;)
  4. I ordered on January 25th, and received Power stroke oars on April 16th.
  5. So, maybe I am right on schedule? Actually the whole mess is more than I can take. I can't go into detail right now, but when this shakes out look for the whole sordid mess to be posted somewhere. This was to be my wife and I's first foray into this sport. I have always been into hunting and fishing/boating with "regular" boats, so I have that to fall back on. I'm in the middle of spring bear hunting season and will through my energy into that to take my mind off this absolutely horrendous experience. I just do not have the heart to try and participate in pontoon boating,fly fishing or purchasing another brand of boat. My wife and I had been looking forward to this purchase for many years.
  6. Don't let Dave Scadden ruin fly fishing for you. His boats are great, the customers service...not so much. But I know one thing that always delivers. FLY FISHING!!! Give me a shout if you want to hit the water, maybe I can change your mind.

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  7. Don't let a silly set of oars get you down and out. Need oars to use? Borrow mine. Fish your asses off, have a blast and then when you get to settle up with Mr. Scadden you can work out those details on your terms.
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  8. Where in the world did you come to that conclusion that this is a pro Scadden board???
  9. And you are more then welcome to voice your concerns. One of my soldiers has been given the run around about the oars for his boat. I'm sure he will chime in on this.
  10. I had read on numerous other boards about this one being pro Scadden. Since the extensive list of problems with my order starting growing even longer, I thought I would check out the forums on the subject. The purpose of this thread is that I am trying to figure out if people are even receiving these power stroke oars at all, let alone in a timely manner. For the record, I still can't go into detail right now on my specific issues with Dave Scadden. Let's just say for now that the issues are not "customer service" related. They are much more serious than that. Two of his three mission statements have been so blatantly violated that it will take a while to sort it all out. I was a successful self-employed small businessman for many years until I had to quit working because of my bad back. I was Chief Operations Manager and V.P. of a trucking company by 23 and have run various companies since then. All of them were successful. I know a little about running a company. Almost all of the things that I see people calling "customer service" issues are not from a legal and ethical stand point. They are called numerous other things in the legal community that I will not state here and now. It is not just the oars and such, there are very serious safety issues as well. These other issues will come to light and be posted when the dust settles.
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  11. You must be talking about a Whitewater board I know about that got some bad info about us from Riverrunner77. Wish they would've contacted us FIRST before taking his word for it and attacking the forum.
  12. I ordered my complete frame in October 2012. Parts trickled in and the frame was completed in January 2013. BUT!!!!! My Power stroke oars never came. I called, wrote emails, and even had a face to face with Mr. Scadden at the Puyallup WA fishing expo. It was after the face to face meeting did I recieve oars... BUT!!!! THEY ARE NOT THE POWER STROKE OARS I ORDERED!!!! I ENDED UP RECIEVING A SET OF CATARACT MINI-MAGS.. Because I was just so tired of dealing with Mr. Scadden I just stopped enquiring about the power stroke oars. Hoping this would end my dealings with him, BUT a week later I broke my oar lock on the frameless portion of my boat. This issue was handled really fast by Mr. Derek who works for Mr. Scadden. I will say this again cause I know you are reading this... I LOVE MY BOAT!!! BUT CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR THIS COMPANY STILL NEEDS A LOT OF WORK!!!! Oh yeah one last thing... NOW I NEED A VALVE WRENCH!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    PS IN MY SITUATION, I have all email traffic to show Mr. Scadden promised and promised to provide items and then try to pull out of the original deal!!!!! For you who shall not be named but I know is reading this!!!!!!!!
  13. Why would anyone order the "Power Stroke" oars from Scadden instead of just getting them from Sawyer, who makes them for him? Scadden gives them a new name and charges $450 for the $260 Sawyer SST oars with the old flower power graphics. I personally like the new camo pattern better and Sawyer will drill the hole and put reinforcing wrap on the shafts if you want. In my book, a macho-sounding name, ugly graphics and sloowww delivery are not worth the extra $190 Scadden charges for them - but to each his own. BTW, if you get them from Sawyer, you also have the option of getting longer oars; I find that Scadden's oars are always way too short for my tastes.
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  14. I did not pay extra for them. They were supposed to come with the model I ordered. The people that I have talked to that did pay for them, only paid basically what they would have cost from Sawyer. In case you have not noticed, there are a lot of items he states an astronomical price for. Then when you talk to him, he lowers it to a normal price. This is all part of the pattern he uses.
  15. Sorry, my response was directed at Ron's post; I have also read about other people who have ordered the oars from Scadden after using their boats and standard oars for a while. I am aware of his pricing/discount model but the oar thing still it leaves me scratching my head. You might try canceling/refunding your order for Power Stroke oars and buying the SST Camo oars from Sawyer as they have them in stock.
  16. Another post on poor service from Scadden. Not really a surprise.
    The circle will be complete when we get a wolf attacked my Scadden thread.
  17. That's OK, no offense taken. Therein lies the problem though. He is really quick to take your money, but not give it back.

    I have to admit though, so far I have really enjoyed the camaraderie and " (not to mention all the really weird humor!) ;)" of this forum. I do hope everything works out for everyone here!
  18. I sure do like the look of a few Scadden boats, but there is NO WAY I would every give that man a dime of my money at this point. I'm all for giving someone the benefit of the doubt, and second chances and all that... Everyone makes mistakes after all, but this isn't some dude on Craigslist. I can purchase his boats through the Cabelas catalog for crying out loud!

    For the life of me I don't understand Scadden. Hard to imagine someone so unable to get their shit together. Reading the average Scadden thread around the interwebs isn't terribly different than reading the NewTyer1 thread on this forum.

  19. I really wonder how this mess works ordering from Cabelas with the 4-6 months wait and all of the missing parts and wrong parts. Unfortunately I ordered from the man himself.

  20. I've often wondered the same. Wondered if going through Cabelas would be a safer approach. Not that I care to find out.

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