Anyone ACTUALLY received Scadden power stroke oars?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by CMustang1, May 4, 2013.

  1. Just a thought - if you paid by credit card, you could try disputing the charge/getting a refund through them.
  2. I have recently seen a Scadden boat deeply discounted at a local outdoors store because it was missing parts when it was originally purchased..
  3. There are some companies out there that provide a quality carbon fiber oar as the standard package on their pontoon boats rather than a cheap aluminium oar so you don't have to upgrade.

    Just saying. ;)
  4. I just purchased the Assault a month or two ago. But based on the what I heard here, I just got the basic boat. I'll order the upgraded oars from either sawyer or similar and take
    the middle man and the uncertainty out of the equation. I did order the optional anchor mount which was back ordered. Which reminds me to give a call to see when I can expect it.
    I thought about the Cabela's angle but they don't stock it at the store, just drop ship from NFO and they don't sell anything but the base model so it wouldn't help with the oars. As far a BDD indicating carbon oar as std on other craft, I doubt any comparable boat at his show prices would have them. So over all I'm happy with the purchase but I didn't have high expectations for the service going in.

  5. Has anyone ordered the oars direct from Sawyer? I'm just concerned about the drilling & wraps. Any info would be appreciated. I have the Assault XX & was thinking of upgrading my oars as well
  6. 41FFVQ2P9wL__SL500_AA300_.jpg sawyer oar.JPG I ordered a pair of Camo SST's from my local Kayak shop. I thought about it the day after and called Sawyer directly they explained their dynel wrap they use for pinning style oar locks. I gave them my name and the name of the shop I ordered from. They arrived at my Kayak shop with the dynel wrap and I paid the upcharge for the wrap just as they said. I did purchase a this portable drill press with a notched V-block to center and secure the oar shaft. I took a lot more time than normal to make absolutely sure where I drilled and that it was perfectly centered. Don't just grab a hand drill and think you'll have it centered. Probably the next pair I'll order directly from Sawyer from their website
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I literally spit my coffee when I saw that.
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  9. Sawyer is one of the best oar mfg. on the planet (many say the best) and they routinely drills holes in oar and paddle shafts to make them 2pc, make interchangeable blades, etc. I would trust them to do the job over anyone else. Plus, I would bet that they sell the oars to Scadden already drilled and wrapped and that he isn't doing it himself.
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  10. If you believe it, Jim Wheeler said that the problem is actually with the new owners at Sawyer. He switched to Cataract oars because he could not get a reliable supply from Sawyer currently.

  11. I don't know what is going on. I have talked to Sawyer in the past. They did not give any indication that the troubles are on their end. Six of one, half dozen of the other who is telling the truth.
  12. I was told by one of the employees at NFO, that Sawyer could not keep up with demand in general. NFO had received only a partial shipment against their backorder. (rationing?)

    • Dave designs good boats.
    • Dave sells a lot of boats.
    • Dave tells customers what they want to hear. ("Comes with everything you see here. Delivery in 3 weeks. What? No, we are not having any inventory issues.")
    • Dave cuts deals. (Every person for themselves on this, often to the surprise of the guys packaging the orders. Also makes it hard for everyone to compare notes.)
    • You don't always get what you negotiated for. (Inventory shortages, juggling, confusion?)
    • After the sale, I believe they try to do the right thing, but seem to lack a system. Unsolicited outbound communication to customers seems almost non-existent.
    Personally, I try to under-promise and over-deliver in my dealings with others. Doesn't mean everyone else plays by the same rules. Although to their credit, Dave did tell me to keep the interim aluminum oars, no charge. I went into my Assault XX purchase 'enlightened' by the discussion on this forum. So, I was prepared for errors and delays. I already had a Water Master at the ready, so my frustrations were kept to a minimum.

    The bottom line is... I really like the Assault XX with the Power Stroke oars. But, it is hard to understand why so many people have to be engaged in such a difficult journey.
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  13. I love cataract mini magnums drilled and pinned to my assault.
  14. I love my assaultxx. It's awesome every time I take it out.

    I wish I could jump into the company for a couple months as a consultant, improve the hell out of the operations, and make a slice of the revenue that he'd get as a result. There seems to be sooooo muuuuuuch low hanging fruit in terms of opportunities for positive change.

    Unfortunately at this point, I think he'd need a total rebrand.
  15. I'll call Sawyer direct when I get ready to make the purchase. i think I'll get my trolling motor set up first
  16. I'm betting that if I ever receive oars, that is what will be sent instead of the Sawyers.

    Thanks Gregg for the review! I think that is spot on, unfortunately I was not as enlightened going into this. If my situation ever gets resolved I'll be able to add some useful information to it.
    Although I do not think the trouble is on Sawyer's side. I would suggest to people that they consider the source(NFO) and take it with a grain of salt.
  17. Let me know if you need a set of oars, either the Sawyers or Mini Mags. I can have some shipped immediately and give you a 10% discount. Of course, they won't have the fancy flower printing on them...I don't recall if you already paid NFO for a set of oars or not or if you can get your money back if you did but at least it is another option for you.
  18. I haven't received oars or a boat from NFO:( But, I only tried for 3 months to order one a couple years ago before giving up. Maybe I should have been more persistent in trying to give them my money.


    Good luck in your quest.
  19. Nice looking oars on your WM. Smart choice to invest in the press tool to get it right. Any reason you have your seat back clips in the fabric deck drain hole instead of running them to the glued on D rings?
  20. To save a few bucks I stopped in @ Accent Paddles in Minneapolis and the owner Stu made me a couple longer extensions with concave paddles on the ends. Cost me $40. Fast forward, took my Renegade down Lees Ferry for a 4 day float and I was amazed at how much more responsive the boat was! Cheers!

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