Anyone ACTUALLY received Scadden power stroke oars?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by CMustang1, May 4, 2013.

  1. Only clipped there for the photo Ed.
  2. I have been waiting for my power strokes since February. I've heard the story so many times, " we expect a shipment next week to cover our backorders". Everyday I drive past the front of my house hoping against hope that maybe a box is sitting on the porch. But alas, nothing is ever there. I called today to ask what the excuse du jour was, and Dave gave me the same song and dance. Frustrated, I told him I would like a refund, and that I would find my oars elsewhere. He offered to ship me a set of what he called his "2014" oars. He told me to use them, and if I didn't love them, he would still make good on the power strokes when they arrive, and take back the "2014" oars. He couldn't offer me a picture or much of a description of the new oars, but he did tell me they have cataract shafts and super floating blades. We all know that an oar blade in the water that catches a rock is instantly problematic when you have pinned oar shafts, so I like the concept of floaters, hopefully they actually do float. I agreed to try them out. I have not heard anything bad about the mini mags, and anything would be better than the chintzy aluminum oars that came with my Assualt XX. Is there anyone out there who has compared the mini mags to the popwer stroke directly on the XX?

  3. You are talking SAWYER. Did you get your boat? Dave tries to fill his end of the orders as quick as he can. He could wait to send the whole order when he gets the parts, but personally, I want the boat now and I can use the oars that come with it.
    Sawyer is back ordered everywhere isn't it?
  4. My case is still on going and has not gotten any better. The two sets of power strokes still are not here. Dave refuses to address and fix the safety issues. Other than that I can not go into detail at this time. I have talked to Sawyer. You can buy really nice Sawyer oars straight from them. The power strokes are months and months out, but according to NFO,and it does not matter who you talk to, the same canned answer is "I just received confirmation today that they are on the way".
  5. I have a pair of the Saywer oars from NFO that I put rope wrap on to use with my frame. I don't use them and would be willing to sell them after I take the rope wrap off. They have been used probably 5 times. Willing to sell the set for $225.00 if someone is interested. Will not ship though
  6. In reality you have a bunch of issues here which may make it more difficult to figure out what is really going on. I think the customer service of Scadden is not in question here. It is suspect and has been with every company he has been in contact with for some reason. Financially, well, you can surmise what you will but he has a "cash" account at a certain oar manufacturer I have been told. So, before you can order oars you need to have the cash to buy them. No account with dating. As for Sawyer, Rob is correct. The company was sold and everything changed and some/all of us are getting used to or have made our decision oon how to deal with the changes in our own ways. My thoughts are you are either a retail company or a wholesale company. Sawyer is trying to be both. Usually a a double edge sword and, most of the time the company falls on it. I don;t think competing with your dealers is a really good way to build support for your business in a time where chenges are running rampant. When the ownership changed the pricing, quantities and customer service changed too. Again, you have to figure out who you want to be as a business. I found it to be a big slap in the face to have to order a number of oars that was larger than the number of oars I ordered the entire previous year in order to get any oars. The SST, as noted before was designed by Spring Creek Prams over a years period of time. The price on it has continually gone up and is now a bit out there. So, I guess I would look at this as mostly financial (Scadden) but Iam sure there is aome production (Sawyer) in there too. They (Sawyer) make a good product they just need to figure out who they are which is the toughest thing to do sometimes in business. Jim
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  7. Very informative Jim, thank you. Cleares up a few uncertainties I have had for a while.
  8. A lot of companies out there are both a wholesaler and a retailer. Just that most sell their products for the MSRP (usually always cheaper to buy from someone who's bought the product from them through a wholesale account). I know there are companies that only do production and sell wholesale. But over the years, some of the more successful companies I've delivered to over the years have been both a wholesaler and a retailer. It's just knowing how much stock to keep on site (which is usually very minimal) and keeping your wholesalers stocked (where the real cash comes in). But can be done successfully since there are customers who want to say they bought directly from source, even if it's more expensive (weird I know). But Sawyer upping your minimum wasn't a smart idea. I can see what they're doing. They want to do monster orders so they can produce in bulk, make their profit margins all at once, and then sail (which usually doesn't work from what I've seen). Mind you this is insight from non fishing/boating businesses. But I can't see it being all that much different with supply and demand on product.
  9. Greetings all,
    I thought I would let everyone know that we have now passed the FOURTH month mark and still no power strokes from Dave. The rest of my case is still ongoing and has not been resolved. So far I have had to cancel numerous trips, including 2 for my son's 16th birthday because of wrong/missing parts and broken promises. Oh well, maybe by elk season I will be able to finally use the pile in the garage.
  10. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! I hope this gets fixed. I am sorry to hear that someone else is having to deal with NFOs' lack of customer service. I dread the day I need to contact them for anything about my pontoon, AGAIN. Right now I just keep saving money in order to replace it with another brand as soon as possible. I wonder if enough people with similar issues get together if as a group they could address/confront the company on legal grounds. Some sort of class action thing.. Anyways, I hope for the best for you and your situation, sorry to hear you haven't gotten this resolved yet. I am sure someone will chime in in there deference soon.

    Perhaps recent lunar events have effected the tide pools on Jupiter resulting in a failed radio communications between the business, NFO, and the post office shipment van that is carrying your oars. Which is why they have yet to be delivered.

    If you purchased this with a credit card is there any way you could cancel the order and go with another brand of pontoon?
  11. We have been taking other courses of action to resolve this mess. They are still ongoing as of now and I still can not go into particulars. I would suggest that anyone else in this situation, think very seriously about getting a third party involved.
  12. Thanks for the continued updates. I hope they finally get your order squared away.
    Based on the experiences of many on this board as well as some close friends of mine, I'll never order anything from NFO.
    There are lots of other companies out there offering excellent products and customer service.
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  13. I don't know that I feel good about being another number waiting for oars.This all started around the 1st of February. My buddy and I each ordered Assault XX boats shortly after the Puyallup Sportsmen's Show. We actually ordered a total of 3 boats, one being his new SUP board for his wife. The shipment arrived, but was missing a few key items that were on the original order. One of those items being our upgrade oars. After several phone calls and a waiting game, we received our 2 sets of Lite Speed oars. Let me say that I was not impressed. They are entirely too flexible for that boat IMHO. The other issues were that both sets had bad glue joints and would rotate while under stress. Not good. The other issue was that my particular set was drilled differently and the handles touched in the middle with the blades in the water. Ouch! I spoke with Dave Scadden and he told me that UPS would pick them up and he would replace them ASAP. They picked them up after a 2nd call and... Well, that was about a month and a half ago. I have called every couple of weeks for an update and I get told the same "I just received a shipping confirmation". Spoke to him again today and Dave has decided to change the oars to Power Stroke Oars. I believe they should have been the first ones offered as the are much more powerful and don't feel as the are going to snap in half at any given moment. I was told they would be shipped out next week. This remains to be seen from personal experience and what I have been reading here. I personally don't understand how one can run a successful business that way. Pretty frustrating. I will keep you updated as to any progress and would appreciate the same.
    Thanks, Scott
  14. Gee, I wonder where I have heard that before! There is some proof(corroboration).
  15. The one thing I will say is that anybody who orders a new boat from NFO and then complains about some aspect of the deal afterwards, can't say they have not been forewarned, assuming they have done any research at all.
  16. Hey! We received 2 pair of the new 2014 model ( per Dave) of Power Stroke oars. Don't remember seeing the 2013 version, but these are black on the back and tie-die on the front of the blades with yellow shafts that have been wrapped in all the necessary places. The blades are unfortunately not replaceable. The oars appear to be built very well, much beefier than the 'lite speed' oars these are replacing. One other point is that these will NOT break down small enough to put in the carry bag as they are 2 piece oars. I have not yet tested them to find if they were drilled in the proper location to provide clearance between the handles when mounted. Will report after he initial voyage.
    Anyone else receive theirs?
  17. After FIVE months, I have received ONE of the TWO sets of power strokes I was promised and paid for. The set for using the boat with the frame came in. I still have not received the set for using the boat frameless. At some point along the line, I did receive a pair of lite speed oars as an unwanted substitution for the power strokes for frameless use. I have repeatedly stated that I did not want them as a substitution and only want what I was promised. I think everyone knows my feelings on that one. In all fairness, I did try them. I can honestly say that I do not see me trying them again. I have come to the conclusion that I can not in good conscience sell them to some poor unsuspecting soul, so I am not sure what I will do with them. They probably will end up in the garbage where they belong(IMHO). I have repeatedly offered to send back any or all of the unwanted oars, at NFO expense of course. The rest of the case is still ongoing.
  18. I will take them!!! What the heck I am starting a Scadden collection!!! I figure with a certain someone relaying all of our post back to the shop I will need to stock up on supplies befor I go to Korea... Lord knows my packages will get lost if I need replacement parts.. LMAO!!
  19. It would cost them more to ship them back than to get brand new ones from the manufacturer.... Just shows how horrible the oars really are.
  20. Sounds like your panties might have ridden a bit too far up on that one.

    I've got the litespeed oars and they seem fine for the boat. Try are plenty strong enough. In fact, with a frameless boat it'd be better if they were weaker.

    Sounds like the problem is more with sawyer - but NFO needs a huge mind enema related to customer service given the repeated testimony we are subject to here.

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