Anyone Fished Evergreen State College Beach Olympia?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Thomas Williams, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. There is a long stretch of beach I was told is pretty decent for resident Coho and Cutts. Its on the lower section of the Eld Inlet. Just wondering if someone has been down that way and tossed a line in the water. I will be giving a report tomoro to let people know what I do or do not catch.
  2. No.
    Just kidding. Good spot for Cutthroat.
  3. Good spot for naked hippie chicks as well. If it's the place I'm thinking of.
  4. Hey thanks Anil, good to do buisness with you and thanks again for the hat. You have my buisness in the future. Josh, you will be the first to know if I encounter sparsley clothed hippie chicks. Ill post pics of either and hopefully both!
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  5. Tried it. Too many Geoducks in the backcast.
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  6. Got your fly tangled in the dreads did you? That'll happen.
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  7. Very subtle, Ed.
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  8. Ok so fished yesterday for 3 hours on the beginning of the incoming tide. I had one take and he shook the hook. Lots of clams squirting everywhere (not the good kind) Fished a purple and white shock and awe tube fly. It was hard to tell where the seams of the water was. I fished the portion of the inlet where the stream trickled down into the water. Seems like thats where they would be hunting. Fish are there but im thinking in not very strong numbers. Used the step down the beach after each cast method so I did cover a good portion of the beach. Im going to try this location gain on an outgoing tide.
  9. Thomas,
    You're on the right track here. You've found a beach that has at least a few sea-run cutts -- and other interesting wildlife -- and you've fished it through at least part of an incoming tide. Your plan to fish it again on an outgoing tide is the next step to learning this beach. Good deal! The only way to learn a beach is to fish it on the incoming and outgoing tides -- and during varying tidal ranges and weather conditions. By the way, try tying up some patterns that match sand lance, sculpins and small shrimpy things....

    Good luck!
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  10. I've fished that stretch a time or two as well. Got a couple on shrimpy flies. Be careful where you park though. I parked in one of the school lots and had my vehicle broken into and my spare reels taken.
  11. that is soooooooooo not cool!!
  12. Greetings. I was looking for information and found this conversation. I was told that the mouth of barking dog creek was an excellent spot. Any opinions?
  13. Welcome, interesting first post. Might I recommend you fish it hard and give us a report? Good luck.

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  14. Great idea. Right now I am selecting a small group of flies to bring. Muddlers olive wooly buggers shrimp and some bait fish. Any other suggestions? I like to tie whatever I can.

  15. I've been trying this beach quite a lot lately with no luck but have seen fish will be there on the out going tonight
  16. Perhaps the time to fish there is right before they spawn. My knowledge is limited.
  17. Are we talking about the hippie chicks or the fish ??
  18. Went for the out going ran into a couple other guys one was kind enough to kick me down a fly that was working once again thank you to who that was. Q
  19. I've been there several times over the last couple weeks as a means to fish after school or work. I've yet to catch a fish or see any action at all other than crabs and hippies. Others say there are fish there but I'm getting to the point where the place is a waste of time for me and I'd rather hit the HC b/c I usually have success up there.
  20. yeh, in the old days there were naked, middle aged men on this beach. I believe the school cracked down on it. I was a student there and saw a few hippie topless girls and guys, but it was at least a ratio of 50% gray haired men. Never fished it, but I saw an occasional fish jump back in the late 80's when I was a student there.
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