Anyone got any Utah info? (Sept around Park City)

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  1. So it looks like I'll attending a conference in Park City, UT for a week in September. This gives me a bit of a rare opportunity to get a little non-washington fishing experience. So anyone who has any info on the area, I'd love to hear it. Particularly if it involves me catching a brown trout, which I've not done yet.

    1. I may just rent a car and dawn-patrol for a couple hours in the mornings. Both the Provo and the Weber sound like they are 20-30 minutes away. Nothing fancy and I'm sure I won't hit the best water, but worth it for a guy who doesn't get a lot of random fishing chances. Particularly for trout.

    2. I've got the ability to plan an outing or two for groups of co-workers. This would involve finding a guide who was willing to take 5-6 people for a half day. Probably walk/wade. But perhaps a short float? I have no idea how feasible this is as I'll be the only one bringing fly gear/waders. But I figured I'd see if anyone had guide recommendations and I'd at least look into it.

    I realize we're a WA forum, but folks travel. I do admit that I may just need to register on a Utah fly forum and ask there.
  2. The Provo was marginally ok when a group and I fished it the same time last year as you're seeking. Fish the middle Provo below the dam for a few miles down. AND fish it in the lower LIGHT conditions. The brownies came out a little more. Not stellar but ok. Nothing huge that we found. Good luck.
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  3. Dawn patrol FTW!

    How was foot access? Or did you float?
  4. I just fished the middle provo the other weekend and there's plenty of foot access and water to cover. There are a couple of parking lots not too far below the dam that fill up pretty quick, but there's usually a spot or two. It's also pretty normal for people to walk up and fish right below you or above you or even stand and stare at you from the cut bank you're trying to fish.

    Aside from all of the people there are plenty of brown trout too. Check out the fishing report from Western Rivers fly shop before you go. They always seem to have a fairly detailed report that they update frequently.
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  6. Western Rivers Fly Shop is great and will help you determine where to go and what to use. They are in SLC. The Provo has decent fishing. I've done alright in the upper portion but it is a bit of a drive.

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  7. I fished the Provo River the end of June last year for the first time. My wife and I wade fished for about 6 hours and caught about 30 fish each, almost all of them browns. Outstanding fishery for those that wade. I don't think floating it would have been that great. Watch out for those floating the river in their swimsuits! Lots of floaters. We used tiny light colored nymph patterns.

    I'd agree that the Provo river appears to be a better fishery for trout than anything I've experienced in Washington (for trout). But that's just based on one day.
  8. Bit of a drive from SLC or Park City?
  9. Josh,

    My wife and I stayed in Park City in June a few years ago. I fished the Provo one day and we made the longish drive and floated the Green the next day. Assuming it's still there, check out Trout Bum 2 in PC. They can connect you with a walk and wade guide, and they rent waders, etc. for people who don't have gear with them. If you really want a day to remember, treat yourself to a float trip on the Green. Ask if Kenny is still guiding and book him if you can. It will be an experience to remember. (Bring your own beer. It's Utah remember.)

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  10. there is a shop in heber city as i recall. saw trout bum's rig on the river pull-outs 10 out of 12 days. we fished the provo in Orem, it was trippy fishing with a corporate office buildings right next to the water.

    we spent most time on the upper green
  11. I was about an hour from Park City, up Highway 35. Probably about 1.5 from SLC. To clarify I was on the Little South Fork of the Provo River.
  12. The Provo is one of the rivers of my youth. It has changed a lot over the years but you can find some great spots for big bad browns to with great wadding access just outside of Heber and prior to the damn. You could also keep The Uintas just out side of Kamas (about one hour outside of Park City) on your radar if you have the time or love dry fly action for little dudes. It hosts a ton of fantastic Stillwater and if you want to hook-up with an unlimited number of small little fish friends until your casting arm falls off-you can find just such bliss in every little stream or creek up there.
  13. side note on the beer: we were there last summer and i was dreading the 4% limit on everything sold in grocery stores or on tap, since my preference is a good ipa and they tend to start around 6%. i was skeptical of a 4% ipa until we tried one called johnny's at moab brewery and imo it was superb. suddenly the genius of it dawned on me: normally i can handle 2-3 pints of my favorite 7.5%-ish brews before i'm no good for anything but more drinking. but at 4%, you could fill your cooler in the boat with a style which would normally be off limits for such a setting.

    btw, they sell that johnny's in cans and after having it at the brewery in moab i also found it on tap in park city. their pilsner was also outstanding, imo.

    we passed through vail and park city on that trip and both had fly shops with guides.
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  14. Josh, no one has answered your question about floating the Provo. As it is about the size of the Teanaway in the summer, it is a walk and wade fishery. I've fished it on several trips and never saw a pontoon let alone a drift boat. There are places a drift boat would nearly touch both banks if it turned sideways, lol.

    If you want a really good group trip, as Sg said, head to the Green and hire a couple of guides from Trout Creek Flues in Dutch John. The fish population per mile is astounding and the canyon scenery alone is worth the float (especially if you haven't floated the Grand Canyon or other SW rivers). If I could squeeze in the time, I'd hit the Green over the Provo any day!
  15. That sounds amazing. However, I suspect the amount of free time will probably limit any group outings to closer locations.
  16. Josh,

    The Provo and Weber are fine wade fishing streams, but persuading yourself and some of the others to come early or stay later to make the side trip to the Green will make you a rock star! The red rock desert canyon setting is surreal. And the fishing will probably be trip of a lifetime rated, again making you the rock star of the conference.

    Now, regarding beer, while in Utah I make a point of always drinking Polygamy Porter (why not take some home to the wives?), which is brewed right in Park City by some folks with a sense of humor, and happens to be pretty good beer.

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  17. If you want to shoot fish in a barrel, head up to Teapot lake @10,000'. Lot's of Tigers, and it's a good ego boost for any in your party that aren't very experienced. BLACK ANTS! It's fun to watch them take it.
  18. I just moved (back) to WA from Utah. I lived in Heber and fished the Provo year round. The middle provo was my home river (only 5 minutes away). The middle and the lower are excellent fisheries - access is good, but be willing to walk a few miles to get away from other anglers. From Park City, you'll be on the water in 20 minutes. You'll catch mostly browns. The evening caddis hatches can be epic. If you want a memorable fishing trip for you and your group, extend your trip and fish the green river (3.5 hour drive from Park City), AND MECCA as far as flyfishing rivers.

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