Anyone in Germany?

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  1. So not having a great deal of luck finding worthwhile waters. I knew it would be nothing compared to Washington but frankly it's depressing. Is anyone else in Germany or willing to share some waters and info with me. Within the next week I'll have my house and I'm in the process of building my first pram. Fly fishing clubs seem to be a good idea. Willing to travel!!!! Put serious mile on the legs and invest the time and money to find good waters. I'm stationed in Ansbach, Germany it's in Bavaria. Let me know if you're around. Thanks guys.
  2. Pike is the name of the game right now as trout season is closed. Also this is the best time of the year for pike, I went out yesterday caught five that were around 36", and a handful of smaller ones. Send me a text 0176 56535376, and we can talk about some options. If you wanting to take an excursion up north, the Ostsee has some decent Meerforelle (sea trout) You really dont have to drive far from where you are; Bayern has some of the best Fly Fishing in Germany. Theres a FF club in Vileck, however you either need an invite or know someone to get in, again shoot me a txt Im at the club almost every thursday evening.
  3. A buddy of mine spent a couple years over there. He hammered rainbows (16-20") on rivers, but I think they were in neighboring countries.

    I can email him for locations if you'd like. He did say that the one and two day passes were really spendy though...
  4. It has been 18 years but I caught some beautiful trout out of the Danube River, near the Austrian boarder while stationed in Germany.
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  5. Give Stuart at Baltic Fly Fisher a call or email. He is british born but has lived in Germany for a long time with his family. He knows all the local fishing scenes!
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  6. You should come visit me in southern Sweden in the spring/summer, so we can do some salmon/seatrout fishing :)
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  7. Im totally game. Doesnt look like my fishing gear and tying stuff will be here until DEC anyways. Im planning on making a trip to fish Slovenia in the summer. Flights from Germany to Sweden arent that expensive either. Thanks everyone for the info I definitely needed it I was getting discouraged a bit. I went to a big fishing store in Roth and they were all about carp. Every water ive scoped out looks like chocolate milk.
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  8. That would be great. There are no public waters someone owns the rights to each section or particular lake. They all want a daily fee to fish so Im sure your friend is right.
  9. I just shot him an email.
  10. Thank You for your Service. I'm glad to see you getting some good responses to help you from this amazing WFF community.
  11. The season here starts in March and runs to October for salmon and seatrout, you are welcome anytime!
  12. I've actually been having a little luck just going on YouTube and searching fly fishing Germany. Some of the videos post locations. I'm going to be on a tying frenzy the next few months building a wicked arsenal for the spring. Thanks for all the help everyone much appreciated!! I'll keep you posted on what I find. I bought a fishing journal to start a log if insect species, fish, techniques and water conditions. Gotta take it old school.
  13. good to hear from ya thomas! can't wait to hear some wicked fishing reports!
  14. Speaking from a bit of experience, I lived in the NL from 2002 – 2007 and fished over much of Europe including Germany. Contact the club at the link below. You can use Google translate to pursue their site. Per the site the club has proprietary water members can access. The "link" section on the site also gives the names and addresses the local fishing shops. They will have waters where you will have to pay to fish. The access fees are not normally very high. This is not the Test in the UK. Finally you will need a German fishing license. In Bayern it may not be the easiest to get. You may need to take a class and unless you speak German you will need to go to one presented in English. It appears you are in the service. Your base Special Services should be able to provide you with some information in the matter.

    BTW just south of you in Austria are some outstanding waters offering easy access thru hotels located by the various rivers. Austria also offers inexpensive and easy licensing unlike Germany. However, my personal favorite was the Soca River, south of Austria in Slovenia.
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  15. L.S.

    Reading your respons and coming trips can you please send me by P.M. more information about salmon fishing in Sweden?

    Thank you for reading and waiting for your reply,


    The Netherlands
  16. Hey Thomas, here's the reply he sent back to me...

    Sorry man, this ended up in my junk email, and I didn’t see it until today.

    I didn’t fish any rivers in Germany, only some private ponds (fish farms). In Austria I fished on the Traum. I also fished on a river near Ljubljana, Slovenia, but I can’t remember the name of the river.

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  17. Yes. I have lived pretty close to your area for about 20. I fly fish all the time. There can be fantastic fly fishing in Bavaria. But it is predominantly ruled by clubs and private waters. There is a system to it, and if you figure out how to work it, you will be greatly rewarded. It is a socio-economic system, but it can be figured out. You need to check out your local club (Angelverein). You can fish as a guest in such fine waters as Isar, Lech, Ammer, Traun in Bavaria.

    Look up a fly shop owned by Rudi Heger, go and fish his waters *now* (before and fall rains) for excellent middle European grayling.

    As mentioned, Austria can be fantastic. If you are looking for that alpine feeling, check out the region near the Drau river in eastern Tyrolia in the region of Villgraten or Lienz. A big hotel has picked up 50 miles of riverfront and offers good packages. It is here that you will find rounded granite and quartz formed from glacially tilled waters flowing off the highest flanks of the Austrian alps. There is also fantastic mountaineering here with 50 peaks in the 13-er category.

    Keep an open mind about European nature, walking, fishing, etc. If you figure out how it works, it can be simply excellent. Some fish pics from your general area are enclosed.

    Good luck.

    Sincerely, Chris.

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  18. Thanks so much guys. Will post reports. Still waiting on my fishing gear to arrive so it's a waiting game now. License I've got handled. Class coming up but if I can slip into Austria and get a license cheaper and easier I may do a little research on that as the licenses are good for all of Europe.
  19. Dang! I would love the chance to catch a native brown.
  20. So I guess the float on the Wynoochee will have to wait awhile? :D Good luck with the new assignment and thanks for your service.

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