Anyone know how much an old IM6, 8'6", 3 piece Winston Rod

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  1. goes for nowadays. I am talking one of the older rods. Now that the wife is working again, and I am going to get rid of several rods, I would like to buy one.

    I really like older rods, and I would like to purchase one of these older Winstons, but I am not sure what I should pay for one.
  2. I looked up completed auctions (30 days worth) on ebay and only see one 3-piece rod (6wt) that sold. Went for $313 + $15 shipping.
  3. I own 2 im6 rods and they are way to good of sticks to ever think of parting with. I think that you'll have a tough time finding one.
  4. Are you looking for only IM6 rods, or WT's as well. Winston IM6's blanks were supplied buy Fisher and G Loomis for awhile untill they started rolling there own blanks. The later IM6 rods were the same blanks as the WT's which are made from IM6 graphite, so other than the name on the blank they were the same blank. It would depend on which line weight you're looking for, and the condition. Also down locking reel seats and zebra wood spacers usually go for a little more money. The 8'6" 5wt and 3wt are classic's, but they all are great rods, IMO. Wish I could have them all. Prices vary a lot but ones in good to excellent condition can go from $250 to $450. If you're not in a hurry, keep you're eye's on ebay they do show up form time to time. Now that Winston has put the WT and LT lines on special order only, they are going to get increasingly harder to find.
  5. Mark, I am looking for the Winston Rod, but I will also look for a Fisher Kennedy Rod from the same time period. I also was not aware that Loomis made blanks for Winston.
    That gives me another option although I would prefer a Winston. I also may look for an old Loomis Rod built at the same time. I was not aware Winston used Loomis Blanks.

    As for being able to find one, I will, it just a matter of time. I do not care for the newer graphite rods. They are for the most part, too expensive, too fast,and too light.

    To all of you: thanks for the info, Mark.
  6. What Mark said.

    A couple years ago I decided I had to have an IM6 4-wt. after casting a buddy's rod.
    Began the search and actually found quite a few within a couple weeks. Prices were in the $250--$325 range at the time. BTW, my best source was
    I posted a "want to buy" ad thinking that a lot of the cane rod enthusiasts might have old Winstons gathering dust in the closet....I was right. Had quite a few nice rods offered.
    As Mark noted, the current line of Winston WT rods are essentially the same. You might want to also cast a Winston LT and BiiT....they're not the same action but are "traditional" flex rods with a light tip. The old Scott G series and Sage LL rods are also worth a look.
    FYI, if you don't like light rods you may be looking for the wrong thing.....the Winstons are feather light.
  7. Canedawg,

    I have a Winston 9' 5wt IM6 that doesn't see much use and I have considered parting with. PM me if interested.
  8. I would search Craigslist from this page, it searches every craigslist ad in the country.

    There are 2 on there right now, one in CO and exactly what you're looking for in Bend, OR, but the posting is expired. I wouldn't pay any more than $250 for one of those rods.
  9. Used graphite rods generally sell on Ebay or flyfishing forum classifieds for around 50% of current retail for the same (or comparable) model. Just be patient and you'll get your desired model for around that price.

    I always chuckle at sellers who think they can sell a "used once" graphite rod that was, for example, $700 new for $500 or even $600. Don't fall for that.
  10. You've been given some good valuable information here however if I can expand a little, GLoomis did in fact manufacture Winston blanks for some time but the tapers are copyrighted. I'm a big Gloomis fan but none of the IM6 stuff they retailed comes close to Winston tapers. The JKennedy Fisher blanks were the reason that Winston went to Loomis to begin with. The spigot ferrules on old Fisher blanks were highly suspect and were notorious for breaking. The ONLY difference between a WT and an old IM6 is that Winston manufactures the WT. The tapers are identical and the actions are the same too. An 8.5' Winston from a 4 to a 6 weight is a great trout rod and you shouldn't have any trouble finding one but i'd be damned if i'd sell any of mine for $250.
  11. A friend recently bought a 6wt im6 Winston in good shape for $250 plus shipping.
  12. First of all, let me say thanks for all the information. I have received several offers for some rods, but most are between $450 to $600. I have not heard back from a few others. When or if I buy one I will post what I purchased. Again thanks for the advise and the facts on these rods. It will really help me make a informed choice. Thanks, Mark.
  13. Darold, if this is one without the Fisher Spigot ferrules, I would like to buy it if you still want to sell. Thanks,Mark

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