anyone practice with big rods and longer line inB'ham?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by golfman65, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Wondering if anyone wants to or does practice with the big sticks and longer lines around B'ham? I'm messing with a 15' and 70' line....can handle the 55' pretty easy but the 70' is giving me some trouble..
    So would like to practice somewhere close...any ponds or lakes locally that you practice on?

    My buddies up north are into it as a few are heading for SOR again...thought while that's not going to happen with me...might be something to do on a Sundays or such?

    Any interest or suggestions, give a shout out!!!
  2. Sorry I'm too late for doing this today, since the weather is good. I practice occasionally on the swimming/wading pond at Bloedel Donnovan Park on Lake Whatcom. It's only about knee deep, is somewhat out of the wind, and of course is not shared by swimmers except in summer. I have rods of 15', 15 1/2' and 16 feet.
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  3. Sitting here in So. Oregon I'm not in any position to recommend a 'where,' but given a choice go for moving water as this is where you're going to end up ......

    Not to worry if you're having 'troubles' with a long headed line. In many cases the issue may well not be the caster, but the rod itself. Nothing wrong with the rod, but it may well be too short to handle a long headed floating line. Secondly the design of the rod may not be conducive to this type of line. A easy example of this is a soft tip rod may do very well for a Scandi head, but Puppy just won't hunt all that well with a heavy Skagit head.

    All that aside, if you're consistently hitting 90 feet you're doing just fine. Reason for that is (short of a skated fly) the vast majority of fishing is done in/under that distance.
  4. Hey Golf,
    A group of us meets frequently at Nugent's corner. It's a good group of guys with a variety of rods. We'd love to have you come out.

    We call Ryan and/or Dave and let them know so they don't make a trip out for nothing. You can also notify WDFW enforcement through the Mill Creek office.

    We're busy through the end of March but we'll be back at it for sure in April. I'll make sure you get emailed.
  5. I live down in Redmond, but come up that way occasionally.. need to get some practice in with my 14'3" Solstice and GPS line... Got a 15'er to play around with too. Maybe up on the Stilly sometime.. weekends are harder actually, since I usually work them...

  6. First off--what rod and what line?? Wt rating of each also...

    When I break out the MKS cannon and a FF 70ftr after a long spell of skags off of 13ftr stics.. I takes me sum rethinking as to what the hell I'm doing with this telephone pole.

    First thing I have to remember is a smooth accelerating swept to a sudden and HIGH stop--just like a smooth acceleration to a sudden stop on the forward stroke.. THINK DYNAMIC D LOOP OR V LOOP.without blowing your anchor even in touch and go casts...

    Mismatched grainage on a long line-long rod combo is a forsure train wreck, at least in my books..

    If you become proficient with a long rod-long line-I believe when you go back to shorter stics N shooting heads that your casting will improve all around. Did for me.
  7. I'd give it a whirl, but I think we ought to call WDFW and tell them it's time for casting practice, then pick a spot that's set up for nice, easy singles.
  8. We'll be doing some of that around Rockport on April 6th...
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  9. I'm game for that, I haven't pulled out the 14'er for a long time. I'm gone this weekend but next might work.
  10. I'll be there on the 6th WW but that's not what I was thinking for practice lol..

    Ed, Mac, chris, trevor etc. I wouldn't mind meeting anywhere for an hour or so and just go at it...lakes are fine by me as well...
    Sundays are my day for it so if anyone else is game, post and we can set something up..

    D.a- the line is a 70' fall fav. on a casts and casts really far in the right hands...had Brian S. on clack show me some moves and Timdog from up north helped me this past Sat. The 55' fall fav. is really nice on there and I was able to single that one with some help...learned body movement etc. but at 55' I can double spey it pretty easy as well..and I thought it a much nice line as a dry line then the old 55' w.a.
    I need to learn to use my left hand up on the river right single so that's why I think a lake might be usefull...

    Thanks, Mac, I think I went to that spot way back when I first started with a couple of the Four corner boys!!!
    Is it cool to go in there still? Top of alabama right?
  11. Sundays work for me. If you want to do a lake, it might not be the worst idea to start out standing on a low dock. That xtra height will help compensate for the lack of current. I'd make it easy till you are getting casts that you like, then move on to tougher conditions.
  12. Hey Golfman, it sounds like you have worked with some great casters. I dont know if this is the type of suggestions you were looking for but I thought I would throw out a few that have worked for me. They may be technically wrong but maybe some of the more advanced guys will chime in if I give you wrong info, or not enough. These have helped me.

    On the switch cast or jump roll or singles, and the snake roll I have to over exaggerate everything compared to when casting shooting heads.

    I dont always lift super high and when I sweep I make sure it is at a slight incline up so the line lands flat. Fishman26 turned me onto fulcrumpoint's casting videos on youtube, see climbing curve (You really have to fling that baby back there compared to shooting heads to get that anchor into casting position.)

    After the sweep I poke the tip high, at 2:00 my arms are extended and almost straight (or at least it feels like it, very awkward at first) at first it feels like your sticking your up hand straight in the air fully extended.

    I have to start my forward stroke right before the line touches down.

    For the double spey I have had the best luck by using Scott McKenzies advanced double spey, which brings the anchor a little closer than normal, and you start with the rod point up so you have more line off the water to start, kind of like the infamous PP with a wrap.

    Another thing that helps me immensely was Andrew Moys suggestion to sweep the rod back to 4:30, similar to doing Simon's frizbee toss at 4:30) before the forward stroke. Andrew Moys videos have been helpful.

    Snakeroll, avoid slack and dont over ratate, its kind of an across the body cast anyway.

    For your week side you will be surprised how much easier it is if you just lift, sweep, LIFT and fire! Its almost easier with longer lines.

    I'm sure you have been told the normal stuff about anchor position and slow lift and smoothness and avoiding slack. These are just things that made the light go on for me.
  13. Let me know when and where and I'll do my best to be there. I'm happy to shoot Ryan an email that we'll be casting on the river if necessary. It would be great to see everyone.
  14. I got a long rod somewhere in the garage; Lochmor Z 9/10. I think it is 15'3" or something like that. I had a hell of a time casting it until I put a 9/10/11 windcutter on it and then the rod came alive. Once I figured it out I put it back in the garage and never used it. That was over 12 to 14 years ago. Sold the line but someone on the board gave me another one. Can't remember who, probably should, awful nice of them to send me a line for free. I need to find a reel with some backing that can hold the windcutter and try that old rod out again.

    If Ed is going to be there I might show up. I want to bend his ear on Occupy Skagit somemore.
  15. Paul: Yes, it's the public swimming/wading area area at Bloedel Donovan Park near the top of Alabama Street.

    When doing the pickup, from the dangle to the anchor point, with long rods and long-belly lines, there's only so much line that can be pulled upstream by rod leverage. However, by giving a little jerk as the rod is sweeping overhead, I can move as much as 90 feet of line up and past me. It's not exactly a snap-T, but it's in the family.
  16. So what big rods do you have Mac?

    I ran out to Bloedel today with a 13'er and a grossly over weight mid-belly line. They have a low dock there for rowing craft that makes a pretty decent casting platform.
  17. Trevor, I have a wonderful 15' 7/8/9 Meiser five-piece Highlander, a motley assortment of 15' 10/11s, a fine CND Salmo Salar, 15 1/2', and a fine 16 foot Daiwa Alltmor 10/11/12 that I may be getting too old for. I'll be glad to join you when this present monsoon season has passed.
  18. Holy Moly Mac! That's quite a lineup. I braved the wind and hit the dock again with a T&T 1206-3 + modified Delta, then a 13' CND Custom 8/9 with a CND DT. Not a bad way to stay in practice while our rivers are closed. Let me know when you like the looks of the weather.
  19. I agree...WOW! You've been holding out on us. I'll do my best to be there.
  20. Hey Nooksack, wanna get rid of that Alltmor? I'm too old for that rod too but still stupid enough to buy it. I'd love to swing it a bit.

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