Anyone taken a drift boat down the Naches?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jmara6864, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. jmara6864

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    The Yak looks like it's going to blow out just in time for my planned float trip. Looking for other options. I have wadded the Naches quite a few times but never floated it. It seems like it could be dangerous in a drift boat. I have a lot of experience taking oar frame rafts and pontoons down class 4 and 5 rapids but it's always been on rivers I have experience with. Have anyone done this before? The river looks like it will be around 2200cfs Thursday which is the I plan to fish.
  2. Go ahead and float it Thursday. Just don't fish, because it won't be open yet.
  3. Bones24

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    I do not have the regulations in front of me but I believe the Naches does not open up until Saturday June 7th. So if you mean that you will be fishing this Thursday June 5th then you better stick with the Yakima float.
  4. jmara6864

    jmara6864 Active Member

    Oh crap thanks for the heads up!
  5. David Dalan

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    Many moons ago when i rafted regularly, the Naches was on the list of "fun" waters during spring flows. I seem to recall sweepers, and other fun things being relatively abundant. That was a LONG time ago, but I think without current intel a hard boat might make for a bad day. Its been too long for me to recall the flows we wanted.
  6. McNasty

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    dude, youll be fine. go for it!! :p. just kidding, unless you consider yourself pretty good behind the sticks. and by pretty good, i mean a total badass. i plan on tooning some sections this year.
  7. As my highschool buddy once said before i blew out my ACL snowboarding "dont be a pussy just do it"
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  8. Patrick Gould

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    The Yakima looks ok near Ellensburg. In any case you should listen to Mcnasty about the Naches, he practically lives on that river.
  9. jmara6864

    jmara6864 Active Member

    Yeah it looks good today but it is supposed to be about 5000cfs by Thursday. I will probably just hit up a lake if I can't float the Yak. Naches sounds like its not possible and closed. Third time this year the river has been in good shape and then blown out right before I get to it.
  10. Patrick Gould

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    I just looked at the forecast. It looks like they're starting irrigation flows with a big release. I was hoping for another week of lowish flow levels.
  11. Alex MacDonald

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    Well, so much for that one. Looks like I'll wander up onto the Teanaway. Our creeks here, most of which have a North-facing drainage, are roaring! When we drove by the Teanaway Saturday, it looked pretty good, but the watershed has a South and East-facing drainage, for the most part. i'm beginning to think the relatively low snow year has passed the flood stage in these drainages.
  12. bennysbuddy

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    I camped at the teanaway memorial day weekend at the free campground on the lower river ,it was running fast but a person thats not afraid to walk could mosey up stream a bit and the fishing would be fine. Its a little to high to fish in a kilt so I would bring waders. Thou later in the year when I normaly fish useing my tenkara gear, shorts & felt soled sandals are what I wear!
  13. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I tried wearing sandals one time. Kept getting rocks between my foot and the sole. Quit wearing them after that. I just stick to my tennies.
  14. troutdopemagic

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    Hard Boat+Naches river sounds like a pretty good way to end up under a logjam.
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  15. psycho

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    Swift water rescue guys always need training exercises.:eek:
  16. hydrological

    hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

    whitehorse and boxcar on the deschutes are a good place to practice. good time for the troutskis right now.
  17. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    Wearing sandals helps slow you down so you get in the proper mind set for Tenkara fishing, That & the sandals I wear have rock guards built into them !!!!
  18. Luke77

    Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

    DO NOT run a hardside down the Naches! I don't want to read about it the next day in the paper.
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  19. BDD

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    Here is a hint; since the Naches is now being pimped by the different local fly shops and guides in the area, who have access to lots of different boats, I don't recall any of them ever saying they are taking a drift boat for the day; all rafts or pontoons. That should tell you something about taking hard boats down the Naches. If the guides aren't doing it, probably shouldn't be done.
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  20. Lue Taylor

    Lue Taylor Lue Taylor/dbfly

    Have you seen some of the boulders sticking up out of the water there. going test that Fear No Rocks Theory. Any river running over 5000 cf might as well put on skis
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