Anyone Using a 411 ONE in the Salt?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by JesseC, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. I've been working to find a line that works on the 411 for beach fishing.

    I've tried a 275gr scandi with a 10ft polyleader.
    5wt Rio outbound short floater.
    6wt Rio outbound short intermediate tip.

    The scandi is giving me the most distance if I really concentrate and speed up the cast and super crisp stops. Unfortunately after a couple of hours my chances of that diminish greatly as I turn into a slop caster.

    The Rio Outbound short intermediate 6wt seems to be the winner. However, I'm still thinking a heavier line might be the ticket and maybe I should have gone for the 7wt.

    Just curious if anyone else has this rod and feels like they have a line set-up that's dialed in for beach fishing?
  2. Overhead or Skagit? 350gr. Ambush with 10 ft int poly bombs out 100 ft easy with sustained anchor. It's my go to beach set up. I've only a couple times needed to overhead (heavy salad) and it does the same just fine with a little practice.

    Edit: For straight overhead, I'd go heavier than the 6 wt outbound. The rod can handle it.

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  3. I use my 5wt beulah with a scandi and 15ft intermediate. Works great.
  4. I'm working on setting up my 7wt 10'10" switch. My notes say for your 4 wt 11 foot you should be looking a head gr wt of between 250 and 325. So a outbound 7 or 8 wt should work. If you are looking for a different set up a ambush 7 or 8 wt. with a 15 ft sinking tip slow or fast should fit the bill. Remember you can cut a foot off the end if the Ambush and add to to tips to get back close to the 33 foot head magic number.
  5. I liked the feel of the 350 grain ambush as well, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too much different in a lower grain window. That rod is super crisp, it feels like no matter how deep it loads it still snaps back to 'strait as an arrow' without the wobble of other rods. Unlike my echo sr which is advertised as fast, but feels mushy in comparison and definitely couldn't handle the variety of grain weights that the 411 should be able to toss.
  6. Just for contrast, I also use the Wulff Ambush in the salt with my z-axis 6110. The 6110 takes the 400gr (10WT line)...only 50 grains more than the 4110. The 4110 is definitely "fast." PM me if you wanna take the Ambush for a ride.
  7. How do you have your Echo SR set up? I'm a poor old retired man so that happens to be what I have a 411 One is way out of reach for me.
  8. 7wt ambush for the salt, 4/5 rio switch for the rivers.
  9. So I should use a floating line in the salt?
  10. that depends on conditions and opinions. I haven't tried the intermediate wulff line, but I think I would want a more uniform taper for a sinking line anyway. I did get a chance to cast a 250 gr clear tip streamer express which felt pretty good.

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