Anyone want to fish this weekend?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Skyler Evans, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Just looking for someone to go fish with somewhere close to Fort Lewis, im not looking for a 3 hour drive, but i do want to do some trout fishing since people are salmon obsessed i feel like the trout are getting left alone for the most part and would like to do some fishing. I dont have a pontoon boat so i wont be able to do any floats this weekend. But if anyone is interested pm me and we can get something set up.
  2. You find a spot to fish yet?
  3. Plenty of lakes near Ft Lewis. West side rivers are going to be dirty and rising with alot of debris(leaves and branches) in the water.
  4. Do you think the secret squirlly spots that we fished, on both river, have high water? Do you think they will produce?
  5. for the most part I would ssy thst they would be good but sat is going to be rainy. like all day. but the one good spot where the whole is should be releasing fish into the lower part of the stream. where we ended the day. but im down for a sat afternoon or sunday fishing trip
  6. Was good to see you on Saturday. Too bad you weren't there an hour or two earlier. Damned, the Nasty rose QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like standing knee deep first thing, and next thing you're waste deep (and haven't moved).

    And James, you big weenie. "I may melt, I can't fish in the rain". ooooooo, that's right. You're a commo guy. Nevermind. ;)
  7. I can't understand you, your coming in broken and unreadable... Say again.. This time please wait for the "POP" be for transmitting!!! If you need to know what the "POP" is just ask... LMAO
  8. HA HA HA it was good to see you too jerry and i was out there at 0800 taking a friend to catch his first salmon, It was a beautiful silver! and in his defense we went fishing on sunday... way more rain but we killed it!

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