Article Appeals Court Halts Columbia River Gill Net Ruling

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bob Triggs, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. The guy mentions several times "this is a resource for all Oregonians", if it is for all Oregonians, why are private industry guys 'entitled' to the vast majority of the resource, while the public has to scrounge around for the scraps?
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  2. I also like how he says it's "about the public's access to fish." There would be more fish for the public to access if there weren't gillnets!
  3. I wish that they would make the rivers only open on weekends so the working class would have the same chance to enjoy the resource as the retired & unemployeed. Fishing sould be only allowed on the weekends and the fish are left unmolested the rest of the week :D
  4. until tribal netting is banned I think its alright to give people a chance based on something other than skin color.
  5. Please explain how skin color enters into the equation? Would the Boldt decision have been different if the NAs were whiter?
  6. I love how the gillnetter is president of a group called "Salmon for All". Nice hypocritical name, like the People's Democratic Republic of Korea.
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  7. Salmon for all is a group comprised of people who have a vested interest in columbia river fish stocks. and they are not all comercial fishermen many sport fishers are involved as well as business people that make a living due to fishery related business. these people are acually tring to do something about the decline in fish besides pissing & moaning on the internet. you might want to find out what the group is about before you run your piehole.
  8. from the front page of their website:
    "Salmon for All is an association of gillnetters, fish buyers, processors, and associated businesses. Today’s Columbia River gillnet fishery provides salmon and sturgeon for fresh markets as well as a small canning industry focused on specialty products such as smoked fish."

    not seeing the sport fishing involvement.
  9. No, we major slackers and died-in-the-wool screwoffs need peeps like you in the workforce during the week, keeping things going, so we can fish without having to hear you complain, and then feel good that we are doing home improvement projects on the weekends when the waters are crowded with "weekend warriors.":D:D
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  10. Nope. Don't see it either. I think you are correct. No bona fide sport anglers that I am aware of are associated with Salmon For All. Its an org of gill-netters and commercial industry.
  11. It bothers me the CCA pulled away from the Oregon gillnet ban initiative in favor of the Kitzhaber proposal. The initiative might have gone through and ended it all for good.

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