April 6th - Occupy

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    I have to count this as one of the coolest things I've ever participated in. This 'first salvo' was an unqualified success.

    Thank you seems like an inadequate phrase to express the gratitude that we all feel for the support everyone has given so far - but here it is anyway THANK YOU!

    Our day started early: simultaneous radio coverage on both 710-ESPN and 950-KJR. As I was already on site, my radio couldn't pull in either station. I was there sharing breakfast smells with Todd Ripley and company while he waited to do his "live report" on 950-KJR. BTW, he's a pretty good camp cook! Check their respective web pages for podcasts.

    Todd cooking:

    Salmo on the right - waiting to be fed. :)

    The day was rainy which moved us into the pavilion for the Meet&Greet. The support signup sheet was on a table and went to two full pages. If somehow you were there and missed it, or still want your name carried to Olympia, send me your name and hometown by email to cr_skagit@yahoo.com

    I managed to take a few shots of the Meet&Greet before we wadered up and hit the water.

    In a move that probably wasn't my smartest of the day, I put my camera away as it seemed we had more cameras there than rods. Hopefully everyone will put up a shot or two, or you can email them to me at the address above and I will post them for you.

    After quick speeches by Curt and Leland we moved up to the boat launch and tried out a little faux fishing. I'm happy to report that in spite of all the dire warnings we kept getting on this forum and others, no one was cited and the paddy wagon was not called in.

    At about this time Tom Nelson from The Outdoor Line arrived with this gigantic boat to make a splash and lend a little support to the cause and after a bit more Rob Endsley brought his more river appropriate boat to the party. He was kind enough to break in the new game warden by showing him some spots to keep an eye on and also getting a few pictures from the water. Thanks guys, it was great talking to both of you and we welcome your support.

    A reporter, Lynsi Burton and photographer, Scott Terrell from the Skagit Valley Herald showed up and interviewed several of us and I think there were probably a bzillion pictures taken.
    I see that as I type this, it is the top story for the day.


    Thank you everyone!
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    Great report
  3. Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

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    I believe we all owe you a big atta boy and thank you Wayne, I'm not sure it would have come together without you.

    Thank You!
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    Wayne telling LE how its going to go down....

    One of many four legged supporters....



    Curt doing what he has done all along....

    Steve interviewing with the Skagit Valley Herald....

    Bob harassing LE....
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    Nice job with the photo's Kerry. Some great moment's captured such as Mr. Hogan, Kraemer, and especially Mr. Trigg's teasing the warden.
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    Great photos Kerry, and great to meet you, and so many others from the forum.
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    Terrific photos Kerry and nice write-up Wayne! It was a fun congenial gathering of people who truly love the river. I am so glad that I was there!

    On to Olympia.

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    My friend Ed Sozinho took some I have already posted but here are a few others.

    Occupy_Skagit-010.jpg Occupy_Skagit-009.jpg Occupy_Skagit-008.jpg Occupy_Skagit-005.jpg Occupy_Skagit-004.jpg