Aquatic Insect #11 ID?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Can you identify this aquatic insect by any of the following?

    Order common name
    Order taxonomic name
    Family common name
    Family taxonomic name
    Genus common name
    Genus taxonomic name
  2. Order Ephemeroptera - Mayflies
    Family Ameletidae - Combmouthed Minnow Mayflies
    Genus Ameletus
    Brown Dun
    Lifestage Imago
    Sex: Male

  3. Hi Jay-

    The family is not Ameletidae. Hint: look more closely at the tails.


    Order common name: Mayfly (jwg)
    Order taxonomic name: Ephemeroptera (jwg)
    Family common name: ???
    Family taxonomic name: ???
    Genus common name: ???
    Genus taxonomic name: ???
    Lifestage: imago (jwg)
    Sex: male (jwg)
  4. Family Siphlonuridae - Primitive Minnow Mayflies

    Genus Siphlonurus

    Gray drake

  5. Hi Jay-

    I'm afraid you are on the wrong track. What did you make of the hint which I provided?
  6. Not sure

    Are there really three tails,only one is tiny?

  7. Hi Jay-

    Compare the relative diameter of the two obvious tails. What does that tell you?
  8. Hi Travis-

    You are absolutely correct; it is a spinner. With mayflies, which have two winged lifestages: subimago = dun; imago = spinner. Dun and spinner are flyfishing terms for lifestage. Subimago and imago are entomology terms for lifestage. However, jwg has already correctly identified the lifestage as imago, so he retains credit for lifestage identification.
  9. I see how one tail is thicker than the other but don't know what to do with that clue

  10. HI Jay-

    What looks (at first glance) to be the right tail is being held in an unnatural position by a strand of the spider web, which is probably also responsible for the actual right tail having broken off at its base as the mayfly struggled to free himself.

    So, one needs to ask, what mayfly genera are characterized by (3) tails in their winged lifestages, and with their middle tail being shorter and smaller in diameter than the outer two?
  11. That narrows things down considerably, and leads to quite a different possible list than assuming two tails only.

    How about this:

    Family: Leptophlebiidae

    Pronggilled Mayflies

    Genus: Leptophlebia

    Black Quill

  12. Good job, Jay.


    Order common name: Mayfly (jwg)
    Order taxonomic name: Ephemeroptera (jwg)
    Family common name: Pronggilled Mayfly (jwg)
    Family taxonomic name: Leptophlebiidae (jwg)
    Genus common name: Black Quil (jwg)
    Genus taxonomic name: Leptophlebia (jwg)
    Lifestage: imago (jwg)
    Sex: male (jwg)

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