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  1. [​IMG]

    This photograph was taken by Erin Kerry near Burnt Boot Creek in the vicinity of Goldmyer Hot Springs. Can you identify it by any of the following:

    Order common name
    Order taxonomic name
    Family common name
    Family taxonomic name
    Subfamily common name
    Subfamily taxonomic name
  2. kinda hard to see, some sort of lacewing?
  3. Hi McNasty-

    No, it's not a lacewing.
  4. hi zen leecher aka bill w-

    Close, but no cigar. :)
  5. Order Plecoptera - Stoneflies

  6. Looks big like a stone fly compared to the leaf it's on.
  7. Hi Jay and bkerbs-

    No, it's not a stonefly.
  8. Perhaps
    Order Trichoptera - Caddisflies

  9. Nope, not a caddisfly. This aquatic insect has a length of ~3 inches from front of head to end of wings.
  10. Lifestage- Adult
  11. I'll take a shot at it.
    Order common name: Moths
    Order taxonomic name: Lepidoptera
  12. hi plecoptera4i9-

    No, not a moth. It's in the same family as a dobsonfly. but is called something else.
  13. Order common name: Alder flies / Dobson flies
    Order taxonomic name: Megaloptera
    Family common name: fishflies
    Family taxonomic name: Corydalidae

    How did I do this time?
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  14. Hi plecoptera419-

    You are definitely showing signs of improvement. ;)


    Order common name: Alderflies/Dobsonflies/Fishflies (plecoptera419)
    Order taxonomic name: Megaloptera (plecoptera419)
    Family common name: Dobsonflies/Fishflies (plecoptera419)
    Family taxonomic name: Corydalidae (plecoptera419)
    Subfamily common name: Fishflies (plecoptera419)
    Subfamily taxonomic name: Chauliodinae (Taxon)
    Genus taxonomic name: Dysmicohermes (Taxon)
    Species taxonomic name: disjunctus (Taxon)
  15. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1347086372.888704.jpg

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I thought you would like this taxon
  16. Hi navajoe117,


    It's a male imago (spinner), and appears to be of genus Paraleptophlebia.
  17. Sweet there where tons of them flying around.

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