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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Irafly, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. BLOWOUT! 43-8, really? Congrats Seahawks.
  2. As I heard while watching the game at home, "I thought Manning was going to wait until after the game to retire."
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  3. Ok, does someone have a good home remedy for a hoarse throat? How am I supposed to teach tomorrow? Looks like a great day to emphasis the importance of listening with your eyes as well as your ears because it might just be a non verbal day! Hawks!
  4. Better prepare some slide shows for the kids.
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  5. Reminds me of Super Bowl XX when Da Bearss beat the Pats 46-10 in similarly dominating fashion.
  6. I was telling my wife over and over in the first quarter. I wanted a blow-out. I wasn't sure that my blood pressure could handle a nail-biter. Who cares about Fox's ratings, who cares about advertisers? I'm just happy to see the Seahawks cruise and I'm looking forward to seeing the team given the belated plaudits that they earned all year: best defense, best team, all year.
  7. Amen Steve, well stated and well deserved accolades for this team.
  8. And now BOTH Manning QBs have been OWNED by the Hawks! Yeeeee Haaaaawks!
  9. You can obviously type/write juuuust fine.
  10. In the same stadium too!
  11. Reminds me of early September when the Hawks beats the Broncos 40-10 but the 'experts' dismissed it because Peyton only played 5-10 minutes. Well he played every snap tonight and the score was 5 points worse.

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  12. Tonight, it looked as if we not only had the best defense, but our offense played like a real championship team. Good job hawks!!! Do I smell a legacy?!
  13. That was a beating! What a game, go hawks!
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  14. I was not telling my wife that I wanted a blow-out but I did keep asking for something similar.
  15. Careful what you ask your wife for, and careful how you share that information with this forum. You never know what someone may do with that information!
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  16. Dan was talking about a Brazilian blow out for his hair. His orange locks demand and justify a lot of fancy upkeeep. Takes a real man to admit this on a fly fishing forum, more power to him.
  17. Ira, might need to call in sick and bask in the glory that the Hawks brought one home for the 12th man!!!!!!!!!! Today is a good day!!!!!!!
  18. I am so god damn happy today
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  19. Let's hope there is a legacy. I've heard there's a bunch of seahawk free agents between now and next year.
  20. Paul Allen better get out the check book:)
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