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  1. Very true.

    I heard an interesting argument on this topic. Basically, one of the best things that could happen to the hawks this off season is Bennett actually leaves and gets a fat contract from another team. The logic being that if that happens, Seattle will be looked at as a place for guys to sign 1year deals, come have fun playing for Pete, have a legit chance to win the Superbowl, and if they work their ass off/play well they will get paid. This way we can keep our young core together and cycle thru solid "x factors" and keep winning.
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  2. I wonder how much of their success has to do with specific players versus the coach and his style. He seems to make that team fun and over-the-top enthusiastic and confident. So maybe retaining Pete (plus the GM) is the key. Remember that so many of their players were low draft picks, cut, or otherwise unheralded. Maybe Pete and the GM can choose and train players better than coaches and GMs on opposing least until they get copied.
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  3. Golfman

    We are finally getting snow in Yakima, a super bowl win, are you kidding me........... best day ever:)
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  4. golfman44 and Lugan: Good points. A lot of players would love to come here, even on a 1 year deal.

    It's worth comparing and contrasting the Seahawks' player recruiting style with that of the Mariners. John Schneider looks for talented, undervalued players that can fit into Pete Carroll's scheme, often at the league's minimum salary. The Ms' have made a habit of signing high-profile, but over the hill journeyman free agents or trading for has-been players with several years left on an expensive contract.

    I recently read how since January 2010, the Seahawks have written 1105 player transactions, way more than any other team. It allows them to try out so many players, they're bound to discover overlooked gems - like undrafted Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse. Only 5 other teams topped 900 transactions.

    Whatever Seattle is doing is clearly working. With the youngest average age of any NFL team, it's a strategy that's in no need of repair for years to come.

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