Are your nights getting warmer?

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  1. (NFR) People in our community are experiencing much warmer nights than usual! In the past even days above 100 would cool off into the upper 50s or lower 60s. Normally those overcast nights would also hold in the heat with some evenings in the mid to upper 60s. This summer we have had crystal clear nights with temps into the upper 60s and even 70s. It is horrible if you turn your pillow over only to get a warmer feel!

    Recently our school administrator cut down 12, 100+, year-old trees (because he could). All of these trees are less than a block away. This action raised a controversy among community members but they usually lack the resources necessary to raise enough awareness and strength to start any actions. Being a teacher, I am careful to stay out of the political loop.

    OK, all that whining stated;
    (1) is this night time heat being felt by others?
    (2) could the absence of the trees be a factor?
  2. GT, it's business as usual over here on the upper east side. Nights have been real cool, days real hot. We don't have air conditioning-just 2 box fans that cost about $20 apiece. At sunset we put them in a couple of windows blowing in and open every window in the house. By morning it is so cold that I have to wear a fleece jacket at breakfaast. Last night it got down in the low 50's and the house was at 61* this morning. Today we went to town for groceries and now at 2:15 after running in and out unloading our stuff it is up to 68* with an outside temp of 92*. In past years there have been times when it didn't cool off at night for several days and after about 3 days of that the house can no longer hold it's cool. Those events are rare though as once dark falls the cold air blows down the mountain from the west and makes for delightful evenings.

    I would say that if your school guy cut those trees for no apparent reason then he is just a pathological dick. If they were a hazard somehow then maybe he was a visionary. Hard to make the call from here.

  3. Nice and cool at night at my place. I keep everything closed up during the day and get the natural AC coming off Puget Sound at night.
    Very enjoyable the last few days lying in bed after the alarm goes off listening to the ships fog horns and seals barking.
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  4. GT, it's not just you or your neck of the woods. Some recent meteorological data have shown that one of the impacts of global warming has been that nighttime temps have elevated faster than daytime temps in many places. There is a fair amount of info about this out there, but here's one link:

    There is an interesting graphic on this link for one month (July, 2011), in which the PNW was the only place in the country that wasn't setting record nighttime high temperatures.

  5. I have a fan blowing on me at night and I still sweat
  6. We have experienced the same in the NW Jim. While we have not broke 100, we have had many nights where it has remained 80+ well into the midnight hour. My fan has not stopped for the past four days.
  7. It was still 90 degrees at 9:45pm last night when I left work but it cooled down to about 70 eventually.
  8. When the Wurm Glaciation ended, and the ice melted, it caused mammoth floods in this area of Washington. If there were only gradual warming, what then triggered the huge floods? My semi-educated geological guess is that there was a period of rapid warming. How much, is anybody's guess!
  9. Feelin lucky here on the coast! Good sleeping weather! Overcast has been burning off, or thinning out a bit, by mid/late afternoon, taking us up into the lower 60's, but thickening up again with light evening drizzle, which persists all night into early mornings. Lows are only going down into the lower 50's.
    Woke up to light drizzle again this morning. Everything is wet, but just on the surface. There isn't enough to soak into the ground or root zone. Scratch the top 1 mm, and everything under is bone dry. Right now at 10:05 am it about 55 F here on the N end of Grayland.

    We are supposed to get some sun breaks over the weekend, though. There's been some fog around, too, along with the fine misty drizzle.
  10. Alex, the most recent geological interpretation, as I understand it, is that there were multiple flooding events, perhaps as many as 25 or more, and that they were triggered when the glacial lake Missoula reached a critical level it tended to melt under the ice dam and float it up enough to start an event that eventually took out the ice dam completely. No atmospheric temperature fluctuations are necessary to explain the mechanism, but temperatures and pressures under the ice/water will change with depth.
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  11. I believe it! The power of all that water really carved some features,didn't it! Just think, Dick; if we'd been there with our surfboards, we could have ridden the "bombora"... Cowabunga!:D

  12. Pretty interesting. It appears to be a man made warming after all.
  13. I get a kick out of those who conveniently ignore history of global cooling and warming periods...those that happened before man's evil industrial age. Those dang inconvenient facts sure are stubborn things ;)
  14. It has been quite a run of warm weather over this way, many days in the 90's, but it cools off every night thanks to the downdraft off the mountains. I think cutting trees effect the temperature in a negative way. When I leave town to head for home the temperature drops 4 or 5 degrees as soon as I leave the heat sink of asphalt and hit the first fields. The country cools down faster in the evening too. On a side note this is the first year I can remember comfortably swimming for an hour or so in Anthony Lake...elevation 7100! I will try to check with my fishin buddy next time, but I'm sure the temp is over 70! This is only a month after my son went swimming in another high lake with some "iceburgs". I have never seen someone actually levitate out of water before!
  15. Damned hot flashes!!
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  16. They make a device known in the modern world as a A/C unit and someday I hope to own one.
  17. Just something to consider:

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