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  1. Hit a popular hatchery spot yesterday morning. This is a yearly outing for our club. I don't like crowded combat fishing but, it's a good spot to pick up a few for the grill.

    Just three of us yesterday. We caught the first boat from Edmonds and were on the water by 7:00AM. About 2.5 hours before low tide. A little early for this beach. I like to fish it just before the flood. The fish will ball up close in, waiting for the shift to make their run.

    Weather started out perfect. Low clouds and flat ass calm. When we got onto the beach I saw a bad sign. Only two others out fishing. Should have been ten times that. I got a report from one of the club members that the bay was full of fish on Wednesday and we should give it a try. Wrong!

    In five hours of fishing. We saw two pods of three to five fish. Maybe three singles. I had one follow, one swipe and one fish jump onto my popper. He missed.

    We all did manage to catch our limit of sculpin and a few little cuts. The two other gear fisherman that were there when we arrived had one small silver between them. And they were fishing bait further up.

    Guess we just jumped the gun this year.
  2. Thanks, Jeff. I be headed there tomorrow. Perhaps a little early but I know they are showing up at another popular point. I just need to get out.
  3. Scott, any better today?
  4. Nope. Nice day for a little rowing. I was able to row into the slight wind and have it gently push me back to the put-in. I didn't see squat. Had one little tug, likely one of those infamous sculpins or little cutt. Not many people out today. I did find a great burger place. I've been a little abusive to my Outcast, that I have had for years and need to do some repairs on the outer shell.
  5. Good burger place. Right there in town, at the turn. Clam bar next door with some good microbrews. I had a bacon, avocado and Swiss with the stout. Yum! Nice weather and good food almost made up for the lack of fish. Almost.
  6. That be the place. Almost worth the trip for a cold one, I had the pale ale - Pecker pole, and a burger.
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  7. I'm sad I didn't have the time to fish the beach this weekend in Seattle! It sounds like it's a bit early. At least I tied up some sweet Clousers for the next time I get out there.

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