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  1. Anybody fishing Titlow or Owens Beach lately? Kinda hard to decipher the regs for 2013, Thanks for any info.
  2. Depends on what you're targeting.

    Owens is area 11 and Titlow is area 13.

    The only difference currently (regulation period July 1 to Sept. 30) in the salmon/trout regs is that you can keep wild coho in 11 but not in 13. Personally, I'd let the unclipped fish go back in MA11 also (without getting into the argument of how many hatchery fish are released unclipped!)

    Look at pages 119 and 123 of the regulations. Also be sure to check out the restrictions on the Titlow Marine Preserve on p. 122. and the general marine area rules on p. 98.

    A maximum of 2 single-point barbless hooks may be used and remember: "SRC: set 'em free!"

    Never done too well at Owen but Titlow and Narrows Park on the west shore can be pretty productive as long as you don't try 'em on these huge tides we're seeing lately.

    The tide really rips in the Narrows at times! 6.7 knots (nearly 8 m.p.h.) predicted mid-Narrows at about 3:30 p.m. today!!
  3. Hit Owens beach in late July through August at day break and you have a chance at a king on a fly. Its not easy mind you but you have a chance.

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