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  1. Hey would love to see this Arts and Literature develop into a regular forum...I have been painting my whole life and have focused on fly fishing and riverine landscapes many times...Here is one I created quite some time ago...the lake is long gone ...inundated by a rerouting upper Kalama River near Mt St. Helens...I miss it was full of eager brookies...painted and tied flies we used there around the perimeter... the_Magicwand.jpg
  2. This one is at River City Fly shop in Beaverton, OR...

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  3. If you want to see more let me know, otherwise this is like ...makin' sounds with no echo...which is unfortunate because there are other artists out there that need a voice...and some kind of support even if it's just showing you came and saw...ya know?
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  4. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing it. And yes, would be delighted to see more.
  5. Thanks I will Steve.
  6. This one was commissioned by our local newspaper The Columbian Blacktail-Deer.jpg for their annual Black tail deer feature
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  7. I did a series of paintings up on Yellow jacket creek part of the Cispus drainage in Central WA DarkPool.jpg
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  8. "Heading Out"
    memories of fishing the Columbia with Dad...not fly fishing...but it's the big river... Heading-Out.jpg
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  9. "Should Have Crossed"
    A place I used to fly fish a lot, haven't been in a few years...started fishing it over 30 years ago... Should-Have.jpg
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  10. "The Take"

    a commission for a fly fishing videographer in Idaho The-Take.jpg
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  11. Skip
    Thanks for posting your work! What talent you have and to see your work focused on fishing and the waters we fish make it even more enjoyable.
  12. Not always at all...but I am for the time being trying to stay on "topical point"
  13. For fun here is one of Gene Trump ...hooking a "Great White" trout at a local fun spot he invited me to...Artistic license was employed...Ha!

    "The White Knight" The-White-Knight.jpg
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  14. Gene is a bad ass on still water...just sayin'
  15. Very nice Black tail Skip, didnt know you painted those 4 legged creatures.
  16. Gary, yes he does. I gave a copy of that painting as a Christmas present to an avid deer hunter.

    You should post more photos of your great fish sculptures.
  17. Great work. Please share more.
  18. I can paint anything i decide to...I might need a picture for some things's got to be relevant to me...ain't painting rhinocerous ya know...ain't seen one around here
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  19. Instinct"

    Been preoccupied didn't want to shoot my wad too soon...I mean i have been preoccupied for the last week and a half ...a new girl friend...first one in 38 years...divorced a year ago...still got it but i gotsta pace myself...ha!

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