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Discussion in 'Arts and Literature' started by Skip Enge, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Skip Enge

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  2. Skip Enge

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    Hey it's wet not riverine...but i do a lot odf other stuff...not locked into a genre Felida Backwater.jpg
  3. Skip Enge

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  4. Skip Enge

    Skip Enge Active Member

    A little "still life' from the upper North Fork of the Lewis River...

    "Guardians" Guardians.jpg
  5. Joe Goodfellow

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    Wow! Those are great got any from the sierras?
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  6. NewTyer1

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    Don't go having a heart attack on us now with this new girlfriend. I know how my cardio was after a year, never mind 38. Time to hit the gym.
  7. Skip Enge

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    Tender and slow no my motto...and always take my BP meds and that little aspirin daily...eff the gym...I walk
  8. NewTyer1

    NewTyer1 Banned or Parked

    Walking is good, in the woods, track side walk, it's all good
  9. Bradley Miller

    Bradley Miller Dances with fish

    I love your work, dude. Really.
  10. Skip Enge

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    That is very nice of you to say that...Thanks...I always hope to inject some passion into my work...I don't copy photos ...but i can I prefer to interpret my experience...I have been painting so damn long i don't need them anymore, i have images and vistas filling my head and heart...and being a very emotional SOB that is what i love...
  11. SARG950

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    Greetings, gentlemen! After seeing some of the work on this site, I regret never noticing this section of the forum until now... I'd like to take the opportunity to share some works that are the result of my passion for fly fishing. As shown, the medium I like to employ is painting on rocks, mostly from the Methow River. Again, thanks for sharing your passion with me!

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  12. Dave Evans

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    Skip, very nice work. I am envious of those on this forum with such artistic gifts! On the girlfriend, went through the big D about 10 years ago and it was weird dating for the first time, but ended up with a great match who doesn't even mind my addiction to fly fishing. Hope you have the same great experience I did!
  13. GAT

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    Sarg950... unique and cool! I've never seen that approach before and it works! Good stuff.
  14. Sarg, That is some great stuff. I love 3,4, & 5 with 5 being my favorite. Great paintings. love to see more.

  15. Mark Mercer

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    Sarg, keep them coming, great work.... I think we would all like to see more. Thanks for sharing your fine art.

    Skip, fantastic work as usual very nice!
  16. Skip Enge

    Skip Enge Active Member

    Okay you say i ain't funny...well, I sense a bit of innuendo and out the other...just sayin'
  17. benson fly fishing.jpg

    This is a print by Frank Benson. He was the artist on the 2nd Federal Duck Stamp and considered by many the greatest 20th century sporting artist
  18. benson canoeing.jpg

    Here is another Benson print
  19. There is a 7 volume catalogue of Benson's prints. Very expensive and out of print. They now have a single volume version that I believe is still in print.

    I had to sell my Benson print paff.jpg collection to pay my divorce lawyer.
  20. Here is Benson's Federal Duck Stamp of Canvas Backs from 1935 benson stamp.jpg

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