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  1. Have you given any thought to create a forum dedicated to Arts and Literature? The Photography and Video Forum covers photography but I know many outdoor artists and fiction writers who would like to post their work but none of the present forums quite fit paintings, sculptures, poems, fiction stories etc. I even know a guy who would post flyfishing cartoons.

    I think the membership would enjoy such a forum.
  2. I say yes. Not that you will ever see me starting a thread there. I don't have a artistic/creative bone in my body.
    Unless you count smartass remarks.
  3. The members would indeed enjoy such a section of the site and I would add it, but I need content to move there to seed it before doing so. If you like, post a request to writers to share their talent on the main forum and if they do, I'll create a new section for them.

    Chris @ WFF
  4. Okay, Chris, I started a thread. We'll see what happens.
  5. Oh, I don't know... smartass remarks are a form of creative writing ;)
  6. It would be nice to have a collection of 'Boots stories all in one place.
  7. The posts are on the increase. Hopefully it is enough for a seperate forum... hint, hint. Seriously, I think there's a lot of artists and creative writers out there and the forum would generate posts.
  8. There is only one new discussion. That is not yet enough to seed a new sub-forum area. I will, though, review old content to see just what and how much we have to work with.
  9. Welllllllll, it looks like everyone posted to my thread because they thought that was what they were supposed to do... so did I. Should they all posted seperate threads?
  10. Just saw this thread. Yes they need to be desperate posts. That way we have content. Not just one long thread.
  11. Oh well, it was worth a shot. I figured if there was a Photography/Video Forum that an Arts and Literature Forum would be a natural fit.... I know a lot of outdoor artists and writers so they are out there. But it's getting too complicated to pursue. Maybe someday. Thanks for giving it consideration.
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  12. Good idea. I'll post a story.

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