Assist - what is this fly?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Brian White, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Attaching a photo of a pattern I've been loving this year. Apologize for photo quality - just snapped a quick pic with my camera this a.m. on way into office.

    Anybody know what this pattern is called, and just as importantly, where I can get more!?! It has elements of an emerger, has some CDC, a hi-viz post, a dark (almost purple but not quite) thorax....

    I don't tie very well, so normally buy most of my patterns. At some point in my travels i picked up a couple of these in 18. I'd like to find more in 18 and in 20...Maybe try a 16 as well. Help would be much appreciated. mysteryflyphoto.jpg
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  2. I don't know but it looks simple to tie. Looks like a klinkhammer type
  3. has a high viz parachute while also having CDC emerger shuck thing going on (my pic doesn't do it justice)
  4. I am resurrecting this thread and hoping someone has magic bullet for me. Can anyone name this pattern, and - just as importantly - can anyone tell me where to get more!?! I don't tie well so tying my own is probably not a good bet.

    It has a high viz parachute, an emerger "shuck" and hook is "emerger-y"......CDC.......some purple in the thorax....

    I may have bought it at Creekside some time ago but haven't made it back since to check in with those guys. Can anyone help????Grateful for an assist.
  5. That's an emerger pattern that is very popular on Montana's Missouri River. I don't remember the name, but you can buy all you want from a fly shop in Craig, MT or the fly shop in Great Falls, MT.
  7. For sure a Cripple/Emerger pattern...specific name, God only knows... there's tons of them being born every season. Check a few of the big name on-line fly shops in MT and even The Fly Shop in Redding, CA. Maybe send them an e-mail with the photo attached.
  8. Brian google wileys flies Vince Wilcox
  9. Thanks Nailbender. I found the Wiley's site a few minutes after finding the pattern on Idylwilde. stoked i found what looks like the original tyer and he sells it via his site. Saves me humiliation of trying to tie it myself.

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