Auto inflatable life vests

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  1. Its time my brother and I wear an auto inflatable life vest while wading and float tubing.
    What do you guys recommend ?
    Hoping low profile don't know its there ....

    Thanks and tight lines be safe my fly-fishing bruddas

    RC :D
  2. I really like my Mustang which is built into a fly vest. My vest is a manual not an automatic. I have a good friend and fishing buddy who fell off his sailboat which wearing an automatic PFD. It did not automatically inflate. He had to inflate it manually.
  3. Just an FYI about auto inflates. I can't remember the name. But there's a state of the art one out now that uses a barometric pressure valve instead of a water disolveable pill. DON'T buy those. Long story behind them. But not pretty.
  4. Don't buy the barometer pressure valve ones? Story would be great...
  5. Well. The super condensed story is. Friends a competitive sailor (as in sail boats). Did a water safety demo for the sailing community. Had these vests. BOTH guys wearing them who jumped in didn't inflate. Found out it's not an isolated instance per manufacturer.
  6. My experience is a little different than mentioned above. I had an auto inflatable vest inflate while float tubing because I got it wet, not a big deal until I went to re-install that arming device and found it was $20.00.
  7. I carry a spare co2 cartridge in my gear bag. The last thing I want to happen is to need to use the vest on the first day of a trip and then not have a PDF for the rest of the trip.

    And yes, they are around $20, much less than a month's life insurance payment.
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  8. Jim, Could you post the brand of vest with the built in? I have a older Orvis vest with one. It's a little small for me and I would like to get one that fits.
  9. Does anyone else use the inflatable that's worn like a belt around your waist?
    I have one on order ( NRS Little Kahuna )exclusively for lake use in my pontoon. The regular "vest" style I have is a little bulky, but it's what I'll continue to use if I'm on moving water just because it's safer.
    But I'm going to try the waist-worn version on lakes just to see. It is USCG approved - as long as it's actually being worn.
  10. I have a camo Mustang manually inflated PFD, very light weight, and chose manual over auto deliberately.
  11. Some guys went fishing with the auto inflates and had them in the boat.
    Well it rained when they went to the truck, came back and the vests had inflated.
  12. I wear a stormy seas manual inflate coat ,Ive use it twice and its still going strong

  13. I have one, made by Sospender. I found it floating in the Kalama with some other flotsam. Which proves my point:

    "The best PFD is one that you will WEAR" If adequate. I use the waist model when in my pram fishing lakes. It's legal, safe enough if I flip at Munn Lake, so is a good enough choice. It's small and convenient, and you forget it's there.

    When I'm out on the sound in a motor boat, I use a self inflating over the neck version. I go alone a lot, and if I come out of the boat it will take care of me. Probably.

    When we go offshore, Westport, Neah Bay, etc., we wear bright orange Mustangs with lots of reflective patches.

    Cabelas (apologize for using the C word) is currently offering an upgraded model of their self inflating vest for $50 off, so I'm going over to buy a couple. These are comfortable enough that folks will use them, and you can disable the self inflator if you're concerned about dropping it in the bilges and having it discharge unintentionally.
  14. So I looked at one of the ads linked to above and found this sentence in the copy.
    "We recommend a life jacket be worn whenever you are fishing in or near the water."

    Is there some other place to fish that I don't know about?
    So...if I'm fishing while skydiving, I'm ok to go without one?
    What about fishing on the 12th floor?

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