Avoid Upper Yak Canyon Aug. 16th

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by scottr, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. scottr

    scottr Active Member

    Unless you want to watch this float by



  2. stilly stalker

    stilly stalker Tuna sniffer

    I get invited to this every year- you should go and meet some ladies
  3. stilly stalker

    stilly stalker Tuna sniffer

    It's the "super epic mega float"

    It has it's own Facebook page
  4. Peyton00

    Peyton00 Active Member

    I miss the weekends when 15-20+ friends would float the Wenatchee from the lake to Plain( ponderosa).

    I feel for any fishermen or guide shop that doens't have this on their radar.
  5. Eyejuggler

    Eyejuggler Beech Nut

    Disgusting...is a word I would use. Simply because I know 78% of these folks have no clue.
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  6. Luke77

    Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

    Geez, that's a trooper's wet dream right there.
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  7. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I wonder how many of these people have access stickers/placards on their vehicles. They have to park someplace and fishing access areas seem to get the most of them. Could be a game wardens pipe dream giving out all them tickets.

    What made me think of this was one summer on the S/F Stilly where a big bunch of rafters all parked in an access spot and 95% of them didn't have a sticker on their rigs.
  8. Olive bugger

    Olive bugger Active Member

    I doubt that my wife would take kindly to an old fart like me going to meet those ladies.

    I wonder if they would rise to a hopper pattern?
  9. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Yeah, you go and all them young ladies in those skimpy swim suits would probably give you a heart attack. You shouldn't even think about them things. I know for a fact I don't. And I never ever lie.
  10. tinman207

    tinman207 Active Member

    I was on a guided float on the Yak with my dad last year when this came through towards the end of our float. We ended up stopping fishing and grabbing piles of floating garbage, food, popped flotation devices, lost coolers...etc. We also pulled a drunk guy out of a sweeper log who was seconds from drowning....it was a serious clown show.
  11. Grayone

    Grayone Fishin' to the end, Oc.P

    Is it a topless event??
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  12. Olive bugger

    Olive bugger Active Member

    Looks like the guys are topless, for the most part.
  13. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    I notice an absence of personal floatation devices..... We need to keep those kids safe so they end up paying taxes.
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  14. JayB

    JayB Active Member

    After participating in the rescue of a very experienced kayaker from a torso-entrapment under a log in very easy whitewater (class 2+, last place I'd ever have expected to have that sort of thing happen), I have to confess that the photo below gives me the heebie jeebies. Either that or I've just fully transitioned into middle-age-buzzkilldom.

    It's a free country, they're all adults, and if I had to give an honest accounting of all my deeds I'm sure the tally would include hundreds of deeds many times dumber than getting hammered and floating the Yak in an inflatable Barcalounger but, man...

    Now that the flows have dropped out of range in pretty much all of the commercially rafted rivers, and there's another couple of weeks until the Tieton comes in, I have to think that you could round up a handful of temporarily underemployed rafting guides and get them to bring along their rescue gear and position rafts in front of all of the worst hazards for ~$150 bucks, a case of beer, and an invite to the after-party and mitigate ~98% of the risk.
  15. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member

    Darn! If I didn't have a major salmon trip scheduled, I'd be there and take Evan Burck's sign from a few seasons ago just to count and appreciate the flashes!
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  16. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

    We should schedule a Yakima River Clean-up event for the following day. Bring body bags.
  17. psycho

    psycho Active Member

    I don't EVER rescue people from situations like that, I believe that if people want to kill themselves then I should not interfere with their good intentions. My grandfather always told me that if you got yourself into a predicament that required rescuing, than you should be prepared to do self rescue, wether it was in the bush or on the water. His advice has stood the test of time for my 74 years.:D
  18. David Loy

    David Loy Senior Moment

    Lawn chair set up about 80' from the takeout sounds about right.
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  19. CLO

    CLO Boats and cohos

    ....Best thing about college girls, I keep getting older and they stay the same age.
  20. Travis Bille

    Travis Bille Active Member

    One summer I saw a guy floating down the canyon, hanging onto an inflated black garbage bag with a 6 pack of Icehouse. He was headed to clown college, big time. Full scholarship.
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