Avoid Upper Yak Canyon Aug. 16th

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  1. Alright, alright, alright!
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  2. on a related note, are there an places in western washington that people would recommend a gathering of sober friends floating down a river with minimal danger? i understand that floating on an river brings an element of danger, but are there any relatively safe places to float in an innertube?
  3. Swimming pool Gary.....:)

  4. The Navy taught me how to float using my hat, shirt or pants. Back then they were called dungarees. All methods worked.
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  5. I grew up floating rivers and rapids with inner tubes and beer from about 15 years old on! Also cliff dived all around my local rivers. But I guess that was back when kids actually went outside and played with adventure on the mind. Now everyone grows up with video games or sits on the computer bashing everyone else!

    I also had my daughter jumping off cliffs by the time she was 10, nephews floating rivers with scuba masks on body surfing rapids and checking all the holes where we would catch steelhead to see why they would hold their!

    I'm just glad some young people are actually enjoying our rivers and actually being adventurous. Are there any cliffs to dive off on the way down? Maybe I will join them at age 55 and have a blast!!!
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  6. Drifter, there are a few places that people dive off the canyon wall rock outcroppings that should fit your flying adventure needs. Hope you won't be the one wearing the banana hammock...or less!

    I've floated a few times shortly after this or similar EPIC event. I can recall coming home one day with my rear passenger dry box, about 60 liters, and front dry box, about 40 liters, packed full of destroyed pool toys used to float the river. Many were stuck in strainers or overhanging branches along the river edge. Lots of Styrofoam cooler fragments. I found a few six packs in the side eddys.

    I have floated on days that the river is pretty full of recreational floaters. I've found most to be pretty sociable but unable to control their craft much.

    Enjoy the show.
  7. Make sure you are driving behind them on the way to the river too. They will have all kinds of coolers, inflatables and other crap haphazardly tied to the top of their vehicles which will fall off, a car will slam on its brakes and swerve into your lane, you'll rear end that car and get a ticket for following too close.
  8. I am not going to tell you about the time me and a few buddies decided to have a beer party on a sand bar in the Mississippi. I believe that I was around 18 at the time. And yes, there were girls involved in addition to the beer. My folks would have been so proud of me....
  9. One might entertain the idea of sitting in a bush with a pellet gun if one wished to see how well these younguns can swim.
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  10. This might be a good day to go on a picnik, this kind of thing brings back memory's of all the things I did in my youth that should have killed me,yet just like these kids most of us survived.
  11. Seriously... a flat screen TV and a Honda generator in one of the tandem rafts... now that's certainly upping the ante!
  12. That looks fun but @ 43 I would be just a creepy guy.

    I remember floating the Yakima when I lived in e-burg. Man that was fun... For the first 6 hours, then you run out of beer and you are ready for a super mother burger.

    Is the smiley face rock still in the lower canyon? That was a popular jump off spot, along with the tall cliff across from Irene Reinheart's park trail. Home-built boogie boards bungees to the sweepers. So much fun and to think it wanted to leave.?.
  13. I also grew up near a river and spent countless hours exploring everything it had to offer. I never once floated it with a tube but I did float it several times with my mask, by myself at the ages of 9 to 11. I took swim lessons early on and I felt at home in the water and in the river. The river was small though in comparison with only a couple of places really providing even a modicum of danger. I then grew up to be a high school and college swimmer and a life guard which taught me to respect the water much more than I did as a kid. One time out on the North Shore of Oahu I decided to body surf the waves there and an undercurrent pulled me down and out like I was nothing more than a twig. At the time I was in great shape and I imagine it was the only thing that saved me needing rescuing myself. I have floated the Yak several times now and I'm torn reading this between the young me that floated the rivers sans floatation and the older version of me that knows too well how dangerous water can be.

    I hope they all have a great time, make good choices, clean up after themselves and that everyone stays safe.
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  14. Gonna be a lot of piss in that water!
  15. I grew up floating down rivers as well, but was taught to always understand and respect the water I was in, and to take out anything I took in. Most of them are really friendly and pretty intoxicated, and fairly entertaining really. But the amount of trash left behind was really bad.
  16. Yes the Yak will be yellow for a few hours until it clears. If you have a deposit on bottles and cans you could probably float after them and recover enough to buy a top end rod or reel.
    When they float the Kettle up here I usually do a float around the first week of September, it is good for a new fly line. We do not have that sort of population to get that many floaters. They still leave their crap in the sweepers and logjams.
  17. They organized an event. They mention in the email that cleanup is an issue and they will address it.
    They didn't need to, but they may have informed the fly shops. These are adults out having a fun time enjoying the resources.

    Just because they are not on the river sticking hooks into fish for the fun of it, doesn't make them bad people.

    Lighten up Francis!
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  18. Pretty sure the clean up they are talking about relates to the camp area not the river but I may be wrong. I know people, good people, who will be there, I hope they have fun and stay safe. I'll choose to go fish another spot, no biggie.
  19. More than likely none of them will have access passes. A few years ago I was driving toward Cle Elum as a rubber hatch of epic proportions was preparing to launch at the Teanaway confluence. Cars lined both sides of Hwy 10 for a half mile. In the lower canyon years before that, my truck and trailer got blocked in by a bunch of cars that were launching at Big Horn. There were also several buses unloading hoards of floaters. A lot of misguided youth, many making very poor decisions, and yet I did see perhaps the nicest set of boobies I've ever seen during a rubber hatch on the Yakima. I don't remember how the fishing was that day.
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  20. I really have no idea what you're talking about.

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