Avoid Upper Yak Canyon Aug. 16th

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by scottr, Aug 13, 2014.

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  2. BUT, you DID remember the BOOBIES, didn't ya!
    Things like that will stick with a man. Kinda like the first
    really nice fish to take a dry fly on a dead drift.
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  3. I ran into this same thing at the same spot in July. Only thing is I didn't see a set of boobies nor even a single boob. I did see a rather large lady get pushed under standing on the downstream side of the raft. (rookie mistake) She yipped pretty good as the Teanaway was still kinda cool.
  4. I want to go . I want to see EVERY BOOB.
  5. There are some boobs you don't want to see. Like the last couple of years, hope that no-one is seriously injured or killed, but I'll be far, far away from there and dealing with the aftermath for a while as in the past.

    Really surprised that the powers that be don't see this as a tax and fee bonanza and patrol/ticket this event. The merchants like the influx of cash but it's a double edged sword for the river and its wild fish. The leave no trace ethic is not in effect during this event.

  6. Even the hairy man boobs?

    ESPECIALLY the hairy man bobs?

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  7. Did I stutter?

    I. Said. Every. Boob.
  8. LOL

  9. Be sure to take Itchy Dog with you.
  10. The Itchy a Dog doesn't want to see every boob.
  11. When "striping" doesn't turn men on.
  12. Then close one eye!
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. So Sunday, I was driving west on HWY 2 and saw an alarming number of dumbasses floating the Skykomish River in the Boulder Drop region on their plastic/rubber pieces of shit.

    Why are people this stupid?
  15. We used to float the Tolt river all the time on inner tubes. Take out at the park in carnation.
  16. WHERE in the Yakima canyon is this fishy spot? do tell.....
  17. With that dude doing the breast stroke in the middle of the run, I doubt that it is fishy. But maybe.
  18. No way!

    We might have to re-classify Boulder Drop based on the DTS rating system that I have proposed at a couple of whitewater sites:

    "That's one of the reasons that I proposed basing river ratings on my Drunken Tuber Scale (TM), so that we can take skill out of the equation by imagining the most likely fate that would befall a drunken tuber in jean-shorts, high-tops with checker-pattern laces, a mesh Slayer World Tour half-shirt, and chinese knock-off Oakley Blades if he were to drift into a given rapid.

    V = certain death. IV+ = near death and likely hospitalization, IV = one or more possible near drownings and/or lots of bruisings and an overall classification as a "bogus" experience, III+ = rude awakening/buzzkill and high probability of being "pantsed" by the current while clutching to a rock/log - followed by an earnest cost/benefit analysis of the pros of accepting help vs the cons of revealing the magnitude of the shrinkage once on shore , III = capsizing followed by flashing devil/hang-loose/rock-on sign to any onlookers who happen to be present, II = high-fiving and cracking another Schmidt Ice after each wave train, and I = passing out and drifting past the sand bar where your buddy saw all of the hot chicks hanging out last week."

    I'd rate BD as something between a III+ and a IV at these flows, but I never imagined that there'd be intrepid souls out there conducting a real-world test to validate it.


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