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  1. Last night I was fiddling with my little Hardy Flyweight reel. I noticed that the
    handle was at an odd angle. A closer look revealed that the spool is bent and there
    us a small gap between the frame and the spool. Good news is that the frame is ok.
    I suppose that I can still fish it, with a 2 wt line, there is not much chance of a big
    fish taking off and bending it further. Leader will protect me. However, I alwasys seem
    to hook fish way too big for my gear. HAHAHAHAHA.

    I have NO IDEA how I could have bent the spool. It looks to be pretty tough.
    I can buy a new spool and be back in the game, but this one is still useable.
  2. Probably the spindle and not the spool. It is pretty difficult to bend a spool.
  3. No, it is the spool. A small section around the handle. The rest of it is tight against the frame.

    I wondered about bending the spool myself. But the handle is not 90 degrees, more like 85, and there is a definite bow in the spool at the handle. Have no idea how that could happen.
  4. Send it to Bill Archuletta. If it can be fixed, he can fix it. He has an outstanding reputation for keeping Hardys and other reels working for a lifetime after they experience a near-fatal accident.

  5. Thanls. I have done that before with my Zenity. He does good work,
    I have his card so I will call him tomorrow.
  6. You probably sat on it. It was so small you didn't feel it with your ass so big.

    Skinny cheeks. That ain't me.

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