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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by FerrousTortoise, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. FerrousTortoise

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    I was the first one on the beach this morning and came across the baby seal that has been hanging out at LP. Sadly the seal was attacked by boat, person, or natural enemy and was dead on the beach. I called 911 to report it in the morning, since I did not know who to report it to, and the wounds looked a little suspicious, and then to NOAA once I noticed the NOAA sign on the beach. I have yet to hear back from anyone, and didn't see anyone come to check it out in the 2.5 hours I was on the beach.

    Does anyone know if that is the right people to report a dead seal to?

    I found it interesting that most people that came down to the beach didn't notice the seal, or pretended not to. There were a few joggers that stopped to look at the seal, but then walked away is disgust when they saw it roll in the surf and realized it was dead.
  2. zen leecher aka bill w

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    white shark. I watched shark week.
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    Slightly off topic, but my wife and I found a pretty mangled up bird and made some phone calls trying to find out who to contact for help. WDFW said to use the site below:

    Once you select your county using the drop down on the right a list of organizations to report the animal to will show up.
  5. Phishy

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    That's interesting regarding the baby seal. I was at a beach near Purdy a few weeks ago and came across a baby seal that had just washed up. I could tell it was dead and from a distance and thought maybe a prop hit it but when I looked closer it appeared that someone had shot it through the head. I reported it to the number below which is from the WDFW site. They took a report and contacted local authorities who sent someone out and they followed up with a phone call to me.

    Sick or Dead Marine Mammals – whales, dolphins, sea otters
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  6. Jason Rolfe

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    These folks are good to call:

    206 905 SEAL.

    They will come and sit with the living ones to make sure people/dogs/etc. don't mess with them. And i think they do a fair bit of tracking, it seems, so would probably like to know when one shows up dead.
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    I've found a number of dead seals over the years but I've never reported them as nothing looked suspicious to me. I figure it isn't going to waste since the crabs will eat the corpse.

    While the seal watchers group does good work, I've encountered a few of them that are a bit overzealous in my opinion. I understand their intent, but when the crime scene tape comes out and a wild eye women starts screaming at you to stop fishing and leave the beach immediately.......
  8. constructeur

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    I'd rather tangle with 2 cat ladies and one weird dog (breed) snob than a seal fiend anyday!
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  9. Nick Clayton

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    I've encountered all sorts of dead animals over the years. Never even considered calling one in. I guess I was just always under the assumption that a dead animal was a pretty natural thing.

    I will say that I've never encountered one that's been shot.
  10. Nick Clayton

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    Maybe I should start calling these numbers everytime I see my favorite local jackwagon piling sculpins up on the beach. It looks like sculpin D-Day everytime he is around
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    Would that happen to be a guy who fishes and wades in the sound in shorts and a t-shirt even in a cold driving rain?
  12. Nick Clayton

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    Yep, one and the same. Clearly you too have encountered this saint.
  13. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member


    Yep, one and the same. Clearly you too have encountered this saint.
  14. DimeBrite

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    Contact CSI: Dead Seal

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  15. Patrick Allen

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    I saw a report on those seal freaks on evening magazine. I had to draw the line with the crime tape. I don't believe the seals are endangered and natural predation is part of life. Btw I don't usually watch evening magazine!
  16. FerrousTortoise

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  17. FerrousTortoise

    FerrousTortoise Hana Pa`a

    According to the seal sitters site I called the right numbers. Looking at their site I can see why people would avoid calling anyone while fishing. Although, it would be interesting to watch someone try to crime tape off an area where a lot of people are fishing.
  18. Blktailhunter

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    Yes I have. I try and get them back in the water whenever I get the chance. I just don't understand some people.
  19. Nick Clayton

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    Agreed. I just don't get the point. So senseless.

    Though judging by how many 2 silvers plus 2 "pink" limits I see him take home he clearly is a classy human being

  20. Stonefish

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    I thought the "local" limit was 4 silvers and 4 pinks as long as he changes his t-shirt and shorts color at noon. ;)
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