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  1. Took a chance and bid on a 5100-3 Sage on Ebay and actually got it at (I believe) a reasonable, no gouge price. Very, very nice condition. Went to the local school yard to catch some grass blade fish, strictly catch and release of course. Put on a Ross G1 and a WF5F Cortland and a WF5 Rio midge tip. I may be old and senile and gawd knows what else but this rod is a joy to cast. It's not "work", rather, it's "fun". Not a broom stick or a finicky timed rocket launcher. Nope. And highly accurate to distances I don't care about. Sometimes "old school" is just really, really good school.

    Enjoy !
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  2. What would you consider a reasonable ball park price range for a custom built SP 7100-3. I'm not asking what you paid for your rod just an opinion on the value of an SP 7100-3

  3. Saw that one. Love the 5100, perfect rod. Congrats on the catch!
  4. What model, if I may ask? SP, RPL, etc……..?

    Yesterday I received my second Sage GFL 690 RPL Graphite III from an eBay purchase. I already have the slightly longer 696 RPL, and love it.

    With many of us re-discovering the pleasures of casting a "slower" rod, I fear we may be doomed to the poverty that comes with buying bamboo. :cool:
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  5. Stopped taking my 696 RPL and 490 LL (both 2pc) to MT when the airlines tightened restrictions on carry-ons. Now that I drive out, they're back in the mix; old friends.

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  6. Slate Run: RPL. Cork is great, almost looks unused, seat is great . You have to look for tiny blemishes. Stillwater fly shop in Bend was selling it on Ebay. They did well. I have a 6100 2 piece and continue to enjoy it after 25 years. I think the 5100 will work out nicely.
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  7. RPL -- As a local guide would say, "Noice".

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