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  1. Back in the good old days, any guy would be more than proud to own this little camper to hunt and fish out of. It's too bad we have to have fancy rigs with new trucks these days just to sleep overnight in the woods.

    Here's a little camper that I ran across on eBay. I bought the plans from there... what a fine fishing rig for an old country boy like me.

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  2. Sweet. I like that. We have a tent trailer that serves us well.
  3. I still use an old Alaskan camper. Have to have one, since I'm towing a drift boat behind me most of the time. But had an old 57' Cardinal that I loved to death. Great travel trailer (and about same size as that one).
  4. Post pictures as your project moves a long. I'm a big DIY fan.
  5. I'm not building a camper, only found the plan on ebay.
  6. It's cute but those of us with claustrophobia are hyperventilating!:eek:

  7. I was a member and heavy user of the TTT forum (Tiny Travel Trailers) a while back. I started to build a beautiful little teardrop trailer until the wife put the kaibosh on the whole project because she wanted to be able to stand up in the trailer. I'd be perfectly content with a little trailer like the one pictured above! Love those old vintage trailers too! For me, they would make an excellent fishing rig since I don't have to tow a boat.
  8. Our little a-frame is great, which is why I'm selling the Westfalia VW; the volksie is a little too tight for two people and two Golden Retrievers!
  9. I wish I could afford that Westfalia....
  10. Anything beats a cold (or hot) tent to me... put a heater and 5000 btu A/C in it and camp in comfort.
  11. Me too! I really wish I had a camperized diesel 4X4 Toyota Hiace or Mitsubishi Delica van as they have the Westfalia interior and pop-top but in a better rig.

    In the mean time, I'll enjoy my ghetto 4X4 pop-top camper.
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  12. Mark, everything about that Beetle/5th wheel rig appealed to me except the Beetle. Imagine something like that purpose built out of today's materials to be towed by something like a CX-5 or something similar with around 180HP and a real transmission with AWD. Of course by the time they equipped it with hardwood trim, granite countertops, big screen TV and a queen sized bed it would probably need a Suburban to tow it. You just can't sell simple and adequate anymore, it has to be tarted up and Gee Whiz and Oh,Wow!

    Actually the rig Riverman showed us might be pretty cool with some bigger windows and a large crank open skylight on top. I can do small but I ain't buyin' dark.
  13. They're surprisingly expensive! We saw a Syncro on GoWesty's website-granted they'd gone completely through the thing and upgraded everything they could-for $128,000!!! I'm only asking 14k for mine, but it's not a Syncro.

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