Bacon Bomb

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  1. Ran across this last night when I was looking for something new to smoke.

    Decided to do some cheese and salmon however this one is on my "to do" list Thanksgiving weekend, I mean a recipe of 3#'s ground pork, a few pounds of thick sliced bacon, onions, peppers cooked on a smoker is something I can't pass up.

    Has anyone done this?

  2. Holy Cow!!! That looks tastey.
  3. Holy S#%t! Looks great. I may have to try it soon. (Sure my doctor wouldn't approve.)
  4. Holy pig, Looks good
  5. A buddy of mine did one a few years ago. Said it was the best thing he ever did. I still have yet to do it, but I really need to.
  6. Damn...I'm hungry.
  7. It is a ritual on the last day of Middle Fork trips that I work as a guide on. Keep in mind that you need LOTS of grease. It needs to get REALLY hot - like let it simmer for an hour.

    We use a 8.5' oar with a cut duck taped to the end as the "igniter", and that is often not long enough.
  8. Ah, those are also called fatties (as in smoking a fattie). Load that baby up with different pork products with the ground pork (like kielbasa, ham, etc). Then toss it in the smoker for awhile. Mmmmmmm.
  9. Looks pretty interesting but it's no turduckhen.

  10. Wholly cow! You need to do this when you go to the Hoh Down Jerry! I haven't attended yet, but this could "draw" me! Ha!
  11. Larry I've actually been thinking of doing one at a Hoh Down. Just they are heavy prep and I try to keep the food low scale prep in the field (though most guys think I'm going overboard). It may happen.
  12. I will assist in any way possible to make this happen
  13. Hmmmmmmm. Its a possibility then. Do a big thing of fresh cut french fries and maybe some rings to go with it. Call it the heart attack meal. :)
  14. How about I go one step further and turn those fries in to a nice poutine... Mmmm... Now we're talking heart attack
  15. Evan you're killing me. I still make that occasionally. Kids love it. First tried it when I toured through Toronto years ago. Instead of beef could make gravy with pork drippings. How's that for upping it? LOL
  16. If prepared correctly, this meal should finish that job.
  17. Thanks for posting that link. Will be giving that a try!

  18. Nope, apology necessary. Don't need any condolences either. I've made up my mind.
    I am now going to do one of these BACON BOMBS in the next few weeks, & I'm thinking that this will be the best on New Years Day, snacking on this, with some fresh out of the oven homemade bread, smothered in a garlicky, clover honey, Dijon/Asian hot mustard bar-b-que sauce, served with some, oh, maybe about three & 1/2 lbs. pan-fried red potatoes with large translucent onion slices & red, orange, yellow, & green char-roasted bell peppers,fried crisp on the edges, yet with soft centers, in a virgin olive oil, & slow cooked baked beans where the sauce is so sweet & thick that it's almost like trying to swing a tennis racket through a barrel of dark molasses, candied yams with char crisped topped marshmallows melting into the buttery sauce, smashed potatoes with cheese & roasted garlic, spiral sliced ham, one each, med.onion & carrot, & a three lb head of cabbage transformed into my version of KFC coleslaw, while watching the Pro/Bowl games, on & off as I cook, mingle, & drink my way beginning into the New Year, with family & friends.

    Yeah, if ya gotta go, then ya just gotta go out in style............., & this oughta be able to get the job done, quite fashionably.

  19. I'm in Seattle, but if you hear a knock on your door New Years day it might be me! Damn!

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