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  1. Is it bad form to ask about Montana on a Washington Fly Fishing web cite? I am taking my family to the Gallatin National Forest at the end of July. We will be staying at a campsite at Red Cliff, which is very close to the West entrance of Yellowstone. Our campsite is right on the Gallatin river. Do any of you know this area? Can any of you offer advice about the Gallatin river with regard to hatches and prime locations?
  2. It's only bad form when you don't invite me. :WINK

    As for info on Montana, I have none, but will be watching this thread closely - I've been dreaming of Montana for the past several months. You will probably trip over all the info Chris and Co. have...


    P.S. I called 1-800-VISIT MT (800-847-4868) and the Montana Tourism Bureau sent me several Travel Planners, etc., and got it to me very quickly. Maybe this would be a good start while waiting for the deluge to start from this site. Have fun and post a report. :THUMBSUP
  3. No talking about the best trout fishing on earth on a Washington website!!!! Us locals get all teary eyed when people start talking about how the Montana trout make our fish look like minnows. The Gallatin River is a good fishery but for me it was very hard to fish. Be weary of the fact that it is only 30 minutes from a ery populated town and it is on the way to the most popular family destination in the nation. In other words, it can get crowded. If you need a report, click this URL:

    If you have time, head out to Jellystone and fish some of the rivers inside the park. You will be very surprised how easy the fishing is and how big the fish are. If you stop in West Yellowstone, stop by Craig Matthews shop (Blue Ribbon Anglers) Craig and his wife are the nicest shop owners in the Nation. I promise.
  4. My brother fished the Gallatin River every week for an entire summer a couple of years ago. I think the water can get pretty low in late summer, so the fish can be pretty spooky. But, if you have some of the standard mayfly and caddis patterns, you will probably do well fishing at dawn and (especially) dusk, when the fish feel safe and they move out of cover to feed.

    As far as specific patterns, I would talk to a local fly shop...

  5. Bad form? how about Good Forum!!
    I would find it hard to believe that anyone here wouldn't love to go with you. If anyone has a problem with this posting it's only because they are pissed and want to go with you!
    The Galatin is a good river and you will catch fish. However, if you want great fishing just try some of the other rivers and lakes as well. This is the perfect time of year, so any of them should fish very well.
    You have to go to Henry's lake. It's about 15 minutes west of West Yellowstone. A pontoon boat or float tube or boat is necessary. I was there last year in mid August and even though the water was low I still caught a lot of fish. Mornings were the best. If you don't have a pontoon or tube you can rent a boat at Wild Rose or Staley Springs. Wooley buggers, Leeches, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail and scuds are the most productive. The lake boast a fast growing Hybrid of a cuttthroat/rainbow that averages 2-3 lbs and is very often in the 5-7lb range. there is also rainbow and some beautiful brookies upto 5-6 lb range. not uncommon to catch 40 to 60 fish in a morning if you hit the right spot. The wrong spot will still catch fish, just not as many.
    Next is the Madison. A pontoon boat or a Drift boat is useful, but there is plenty of shore access as well. Should be great right now from Quake Lake all the way to Ennis. Dry fly fishing can be awesome at the right time. Try Elk hare caddis, cinnamon or chernobyl ants, hoppers. Wet go stonefly, and a variety of nymphs will works. There are some gigantic Browns in this river and you should be prepared for the fight of you life. Last year I drifted a pontoon from Reynolds pass bridge down to the next pickup point, about a 8-10 mile stretch. The river moves fairly fast, but almost all of it is fishable, just pull over and fish a stretch, go down a couple of hundred feet and try another. If the hoppers are out, and the fish are keying on them, you can catch fish all day long. It is absolutely nervana!!
    If this hasn't done it for you yet, then go into Island Park and fish the North Fork of the Snake(sometimes called Henry's fork). Try Coffee Pot rapids, Box Canyon and Last Chance. If you want a great float drop down toward Ashton and fish the lower river from Warm river to the Ashton bridge. (about 10 miles of great water).
    On all the water mentioned any of the local fly shops will give you tips on what's working and where.
    I am very envious. It looks like I won't have the time to make it over there this year. although, if I can make a long weekend, it is exactly 12 hours from Lynnwood to West Yellowstone. If I leave at noon on a Thursday and................
    Have a wonderful time.

    Don-on the fly

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