Bad news and good news...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by SpokaneFisherman, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. Well the Bad news is that I've been on a forced hiatus from work for the last week. The good news is that I've had time to go fishing. Which raises the question... why did I stay in town?

    I've been fishing the Spokane river every day for the last four days. With the recent rains the fish seem to be a lot more active. But none the less, I've only had one hook up in the last week. I've been throwing my whole fly box in the river lately, streamers, nymphs and dries. So far I've had the best luck on an Elk hair caddis. In fact my wife got her first hook up on an Elk hair caddis two nights ago. But she was so busy screaming and I was so busy laughing that it ended up being a long distance release. :BIGSMILE

    Just wanted to see if any of you other Spokanites are doing better than I am.
  2. I have not hit the river in a month or so but I have heard that the bowl and pitcher area is doing rather well right now. Also sullivan west is putting out some big feeders. Where are you fishing this last week??

  3. I usually concentrate on the area between Sullivan and Mirabeau. Which always leaves me somewhat torn. The fish around Sullivan seem to be more active. Yet around Mirabeau point there seem to be a greater population of fish. Anyway, I usually alternate every few days between the two spots.

    I definitely think the fishing is improving. Today I fished from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and had Four hook ups. Unfortunately I only landed one. A 14 inch Cutt (I didn't even know there were cutts in the Spokane River :DUNNO ). I also had about a half dozen missed strikes. All of today's action came on a #20 midge.

    I still have yet to hook up with one of the "Feeders" that you mentioned. But I always see them... Lurking in the deep... taunting me... :MAD

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