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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Finspot, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. Hi,
    My name is Finspot and I'm a refugee from VFS, the virtual meltdown. This is my first post (a version of which I just posted at Westfly as well--hey, gotta check out all the new options).

    The corporate gods made a brief appearance yesterday to bestow an office move on a beautiful day. Seraphic movers descended on me at lunch, so I called it a day and took the boy to the Ballard Locks. If you haven't been yet this year, get yer arse in gear. What a show! I was surprised to see how many kings were mixed in with the sockeye, plus a couple cutts hanging in the back along with a dark, battered chinook. I could easily spend the day there, face plastered against the window. My 21-month-old was amped. He ran from window to window, bobbing and weaving between the legs of the tourists, climbing around on the railing and generally exhibiting his 98.9% monkey DNA. "Halmon! Halmon!" he kept yelling at some bluehair from Topeka.

    You hear some funny stuff at the locks. One guy was holding forth about all the coho coming through. Another kid was convinced a shark was trying to crash the party. Outside fish were jumping hither and thither, and you could plainly see them schooling before entering the runway. Good action!

    Which brings me to a question (somewhat different from FishPirate's) it possible to fish for sockeye in Lake Washington *without a boat*? I don't have any form of watercraft--no pontoon, rubber raft, or innertube--but I live near the lake and could attempt to fish from the Mt. Baker dock. Would this be the height of foolishness?

  2. that really is an awsome sight. i sure wish i could launch a fly right from the sidewalk. probably hook some tourist though :BIGSMILE jer
  3. What are the regs for the sockeye fishery? Can you fish south of I-90? If you can, I would think a beach out on the end of Seward Park or Mercer Island (is there such a thing as public beach on MI?) might be your best bet, but to be honest, I don't think you have much of a shot from shore, or with a fly for that matter.
  4. I registerred so I could post here and tease finspot.

    Looks like a copy-n-paste job from some 'other' site to me... :)

    Seriously now though, you've piqued my interest and i'm gonna try to head down there to see those beasts.

    If ya do get out on the lake somehow, lemme know how it goes. You can laugh at me while I wallow in crap traffic.
  5. I have no idea, really, but if you read on WDFW website how they recommend fishing for sockeye in the lake, it seems hard to imagine how you could have much success using a fly rod, whether you are on a boat or not. Sounds like they concentrate in deeper waters, so you'd need a darn good, full sink line at a minimum and I doubt there are shore areas that would enable you to get your fly down 40 - 70' deep. Also, WDFW says gear guys see most success with bare hooks in blue or red underneath some sort of flashy trolling set up (sounds something like the Jack LLoyds we used when I was a kid to troll for trout in lakes).
  6. Yo Snap! Good to see familiar handles in new places.

    I think the fishery is a sunup to sundown deal Fri-Sun, but need to make sure. I'm thinking of making a reconnaissance mission Fri before work, then hit it sometime over the weekend. It's sure to be a zoo.
  7. OMG, LOL I wonder if I was their the same time as you. I was probably the one talking about coho! LMAO! I'm so stupid when it comes to Salmon identification, and the pics they have there aren't very good. We were there on the 20th on Saturday I think. And I remember the 2 cutthroat, they were in the back right after the entrance to the tanks or whatever. ne was about 12" the other about 8" or so. OMG I feel so stupid, that person was probably me. Um, was the person wearing a green Disneyland hat by any chance???? :BLUSH :BLUSH

    *Want to go fishing in or near the penninsula? Please email me! I'm always looking for partners!* :BLUSH
  8. The whole lake is open for sockeye, fish where you please. and I have seen folks in canoes, kayaks, inflatable vinyl rafts all fishing for sockeye in the last 2 days. (I work on the lake, so I got to see the folks up close while fishing.

    As to the locks, I hear that there is at least one fly fisher who regularily fishes there, and I hear does well. Humph.

    Off to San Diego for a week of fishing bright and early in the morning.

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