FS Bamboo 4wt, Savage/Fox BSE Series H 12g SxS

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  1. I have one unique items for sale. It is a 6'11" 4wt custom built bamboo rod. I picked this up from a guy on the site who traded it to me for another item. It is a legit rod, the pictures do not even really do it justice. I lawn cast it a few times, and it is sweet with a 4wt double taper or a 5wt rio selective trout II. I'm asking $300 obo. I would also consider partial or full trades for Hardy/Youngs Click and pawl reels, Sage Brownie 7136, an 8wt switch rod, a Sage Smallmouth rod, or kayaks.

    CIMG0389.jpg CIMG0390.jpg CIMG0391.jpg IMG_0251.jpg IMG_0252.jpg IMG_0253.jpg IMG_0254.jpg IMG_0255.jpg
  2. and where would you not ship the shotgun from?
  3. I meant that I would not/could not send it via postage outlets. I will gladly drive it anywhere within reasonable distance. Surely to Moses Lake.
  4. Also, I am in the Tri-Cities.
  5. The Savage is sold.
  6. Bttt
  7. Bttt.......would consider a wide range of items for trade for the boo stick. Just ask! I'm looking for Hardy Marquis Salmon 2 spools (or an english made reel Salmon 1,2, or 3), Marquis 8/9 spools, Ross G1, G2, G4 reels, 7wt 9' single handed rods, an 8wt switch, 7wt Speys longer than 14', a 6wt Spey, Nextcast FF55/FF75/WA45/WA55 7/8 lines, a longer than 9' 5wt, etc......
  8. Bump................

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