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  1. I've built a few rods using fiberglass and graphite, but I couldn't imagine the effort, worksmanship, and time it takes to build a good bamboo stick. What motivates the bamboo builder?
  2. Perfection.

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  3. The satisfaction of making a thing of beauty
  4. I personally find that it is just more satisfying to truly build something as opposed to building something from a blank. Yes it takes awhile, 30 - 80 hours depending on what I am doing, but is worth it in the end.
  5. I like the idea of creating something truly unique with my hands and tools. Every rod is unique in its own way. I can't describe the feeling when it all comes together and you attach a reel to the new rod for some test casting. A little bit of a rod maker's soul is in each of their creations. It is a most fulfilling experience from start to finish in my opinion.
  6. La gran motivación es la que a partir de una caña de bamboo en bruto se pueda lograr con mucha paciencia y extremada calidad artesanal una caña para pescar de acuerdo al gusto del pescador que va a utilizar en cualquier lugar que haya peces......chicos, medianos o grandes. A partir que uno comienza en hacer sus primeras cañas copiando algunos tapers de rodmakers famosos, se empieza a gestar un desafio pasional que te lleva a perfeccionarse y dedicarle mas horas a las distintas operaciones que se necesitan para lograr cada vez mas perfección.
    Un abrazo Horacio Bages
  7. Horacio, any way you could post in English?
  8. ..Google translation: "The big motivation is that from a raw bamboo cane can be achieved with patience and extreme quality craft a fishing pole according to the taste of the fish to be used anywhere there are fish ..... . small, medium or large. As one begins to make its first canes tapers of rodmakers copying some famous, begins to develop a challenge passion that leads to improved and devote more hours to the various operations that are needed to achieve more and more perfection.
    A hug Horacio Bages"
  9. Shit, thanks Stew. Keep forgetting Google Translation. I typed it into the generic one and came out gibberish.

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