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  1. Hello all you bamboo enthusiasts. I have tried getting password to the classic site and couple of others with no luck, so I am here.

    Having trouble loading pictures, so if there is someone who can help I can send pics via email

    I am looking for information on a bamboo rod my father purchased probably around the mid 70's (my brother could chirp in to give more info) from Eddie Bauer of Seattle. On the rod it has written "The Itchen" rod 8 1/2', Eddie Bauer Inc Seattle, Made in England.

    In all the years I fished with my father I don't remeber him ever fishing it. The most it has gotten used is by me trying to find a line that I like on it and in love. With the exception of some of the coating on the threads near the guides are not as clear as others, the blank is beautiful, handle little dirty from me, blank strait as ever. Pictures do not show its justice!!!

    So any information of who may have built it, around when, would be awesome. I have tried googling it and coming up with nothing that I see.

    William BRAVEHEART Wallace
  2. It's a pity you couldn't sign on to the Classic Rod Forum, wonder what wrong...

    I'm not sure if this is of any help, but Hardy made a model named the Itchen with burgundy guide and intermediate wraps, black bakelite (IIRC) reel seat, agate stripper and tip-top. I think the 8-1/2' rod comes in a 2pc format.

  3. You really need to go back to and ask your questions just as you did here in the subforum titled Appraisals & Identification of Bamboo Fly Rods
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  4. Kenneth,
    This one has a wood reel seat with a removable rubber end, guess for use with an extenable extension. It has metal stripper, not agate.


    I have done what you have talked about and still cant get a password, guess I will try again!

  5. Let me see what I can do. I will need detailed, clear pictures of the reel seat, ferrules(also ferrule measurements would help) winding check and a full rod picture. send them to and I will post your ad. Also send in the e-mail a link to this post in case I can't find it later.

  6. I just tried again loggin onto Classic and it worked this time.

    Scott, let me get my camera and get some pics. I just have to find the darn thing, if not I will take with my phone, it takes good pics

  7. Way to go. I just saw your post on the other forum.

  8. Here is a few pictures of the rod. It is very beautiful and love it! Just wish I still had the old Perfect for it, but the SA 9 looks good also.

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  9. Did you get the pictures uploaded on the classic bamboo sight?
  10. Having trouble getting them to load up. I am going to try a little later.
  11. William, I have your pictures uploaded at the Bamboo forum
  12. Got them loaded on the site for you. PM sent
  13. Scott,

    Thank you. Just got home from work and was going to try again. Somedays I can get things to load on sites others well not so lucky. Took a few tries to get them loaded here. But thank you again
  14. Still having fun trying to find out who made it.

    A long the way a person gave me an offer, but it is so hard to get rid of it. Many memories of my father. Teaching me how to cast, taking me to every fly fishing show in the state, meeting so many people I could not list. He gave me the time to enjoy his world, outdoors.

    Made me remeber a day fishing on the SF Stilly near Red Bridge camping with my father, mother, and my brother. Remeber the day me and my brother walking up river in the woods and I lowered the tip of my dads Cortland 7.5' fiberglass rod, which is now 7' 2". I broke the tip, was scared to tell him. My brother backed me up on my explaination. He did not get mad or put a size 9 boot up my #$$.

    Those were the days. Remember as if it was yesterday.

  15. Well, no one has found any info on this rod. I have checked every link I can find, looked into old Eddie Bauer catelogs to try and find something, but no luck. Been great talking to others about bamboo but they are all stumbled also

    Thank you everyone who has given support on this. I think it would be great to know something about it.

  16. Bro you are right about the rod. It was gotten at Eddie Bauer down town Seattle. I was there when he got it. Also I was a member of the classic site too. Be when they moved, I haven't been able to sign on. Also e-mail them a bunch of times with no reply. So thats the way it goes. I know you won't but don't sell it. Talk to me first. Do also remember Red bridge, that where you caught your first fly caught fish.
  17. Dont worry I am not selling it. Love that rod and cant wait to get back to use it! It is to perfect to sell, fits right in my selection, now jusy going to work on a bamboo Spey!

    I finally got on the classic site, but no one has had info on maker, when and where. Just would be nice to know. I guess I can say made in England cause that is what wis written on blank, but where in England? Who? Guess I can say made sometime in the 70's cause thats when dad bought it, but exactly when?
  18. Too bad you don't have the Hardy Perfect to balance that bamboo rod....hard to beat the looks and sounds of Hardy & 'boo!
  19. He had one but was stolden out of the car one day.

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