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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ben Guss, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. This video has me thinking of the summer bass fishing that is right around the corner:

    How about 10-12 participants tieing up a pattern that has been your go to bass fly for west of the cascades (ie more subsurface than topwater).
    Lets make them due by June 15th.

    Who is in?

    1. Chris Johnson
    2.Mayfly Avitor
    4.S Fontinalis
    5. Bugtyer- received and they have raised the bar!
    6. Chad Lewis
    7. Ben Guss
  2. Been a long time since I've done a swap, but I'm planning on doing more bass fishing this year so I'll bite. What time frame are we looking at?

  3. HI Chris~

    We will need a couple more people to make this happen...
    I'll push the due date back and see if we can wrangle up a couple others.
  4. I like the idea, but I'm on the wrong side of the Cascades. I'd be happy to join with a subsurface basskicker if you're up for it.
  5. @mayfly- sounds great.
    To clairfy My intention with the 'west of the cascades' was to have bugs that worked here on the cold rainy west side. Your subserface will be a great addition.

  6. OK.....I'm back in the game now. Count me in with a deceiver type pattern.
    Hopefully we get some more interest soon. Prespawn is starting already. Heading out in the early AM to hopefully probe some smallies out. Maybe I can get one on top with the warmer weather right now........I can wish can't I ? ;)
  7. Ill play if a classic Marbury bass fly would be acceptable.
    This one is Massasanga - a wet fly for bass from Mary Orvis Marbury - Favourite Flies and their Histories. Tied on Size 2 gamakatsu B10S Stinger.
  8. Game on!
    With Fontinalis we have enough for a great swap. I'll wait till the weekend is over to see if we pick up any more.
    Lets make these due in about a month- how about June 17th.

    Let me know if this sound reasonable.
  9. Ben,

    I have been sitting on the fence watching this thread to see what develops. From my count you have a total of five. Is this correct? The count is not really important to me as far as participating goes. The count will determine what pattern(s) I decide to tie. Please count me in for this swap. My go to bass patterns last year were the same flies I tied for the "go to fly" swap earlier this year. They were a Polar Fibre Clouser and an Arizona Simiseal Leech. If the participation count does not get too large, I will be tying some Dahlberg Divers.

  10. That Marbury fly looks nice. Kinda has the same yellows, red, and green like a favorite deceiver pattern I throw for bass.
    Bugtyer - I would not be picky with any of those flies. All great patterns. But I know those Dahlbergs take awhile. Probably why I only have about 5 in my box. ;-)

    *Just a quick note to add from my post above......Hit a local lake yesterday with water temps starting at 58, then rising to 62 by the end of day. Had many brief hookups with smallies on a white/gray clouser and a natural zonker type pattern. Brought one 1/2 pounder to hand that thought he was a 5 pounder.
    The bass seemed more active later in the day than morning. Although I did see some rather large largemouth prowling the flats near shore in the mid morning, but could not convince them to take.
  11. I'll throw in my hat too.
  12. Thats 8 of us. What say you all. Cap it here or let 2 more in?
  13. I like your original plan, let it go till the weekend or 10 which ever comes first.
  14. What Chris said!
  15. Sounds like a plan. Please let us know what you are tying as to avoid duplication.
    Thanks for participating!
  16. I will be tying a Dahlberg diver. I am with Chris on letting it go through the weekend and/or cutting it off at 10. Looking forward to seeing what patterns will come from this swap.

  17. I'm fine with 8 or 10.
  18. One down, nine more to go. I hope to get these completed tomorrow.

  19. Nice
  20. Nice Dahlberg. Yellow is one of my favorite colors for bass also.

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