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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ben Guss, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. I'm calling this one closed. I'll pass along my address in pm's.
    I look forward to seeing them on June 15th.
    Make sure to include a sase envelope.
    Thanks for participating!
  2. Whats the final number?
  3. Looks like we are 7 total. Game on!
  4. Flies are tied and going out in the mail today.

  5. Now there's a man on top of things, I don't even have all my materials yet!
  6. Whatever. I don't even know what I'm gonna tie yet.... :mad:
  7. Man, those were some lunker LMB in that video. I love top water fishing for Bass
  8. Flies went in the mail today.
  9. photo(15).JPG

    Mine will be in the mail just as soon as I can find a bigger mailer box than the Altoid tin I have been using. Guess I have not done very many bass swaps.


    Hook: 3x strong 2x long 1/0 hook
    Thread: 3/0 or 6/0 yellow ( I used 6/0)
    Tails: 4 yellow saddle hackles tied 2 on each side of hook
    Body tie in order: yellow bucktail, 4 strands of red crystal flash, orange bucktail, orange schlappen, 3 strands of orange/pearl flashabou, green bucktail.

    Finish head with about 3 coats of hard head Loon Outdoors cement or 5 minute epoxy and create a clear bubble to the top of thread wraps. Make sure the cement or epoxy soaks into a bit of the green bucktail when coating.

    Optional: add lead eyes for a different action on the retrieve.
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  10. will get mine tied up this week
  11. Etamaman

    Those look like some nice flies. I can't wait to see what the bass think of them. I will probably need to tie up a couple prior to hitting the water to make sure I will have your pattern as a reference.

    You will definitely need a larger box than an Altoid tin. Not exactly sure what the other guys are tying, but the Divers I tied will not fit in the larger Altiod yin. The collar will get crushed. June 15th can't get here soon enough. I am hoping my home waters will turning on by then. It has been a slow spring up to now.

  12. Thanks Shawn. I added a recipe to the photo post above also. Just in case you wanted to get a jump start. ;)
  13. Chris~
    Got the flies today- nice looking work!
  14. The package just left with the mailman bound for Mr. Ben's house.
  15. Etamaman~
    Got them yesterday- nicely done!

    From what i've got, we've got a great quality swap going.
  16. Thanks. Good to hear they made it. I was starting to doubt the postage amount. I put extra postage on the SASE because I was not sure if anyone was tying some heavier flies.
  17. With the rain upon us its time to hit the vise.
    Just a reminder bass bugs are due on the 15th!
    The bugs sent in are looking great.
    Thanks for participating,
  18. I"ll get mine out this weekend.
  19. I'm tying! Will get them out Tuesday.
  20. Flies are tied and will be on the way tomorrow. You have a PM for an address Ben.

    I'll post pics in a bit.

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