Bass fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ben Guss, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Sweet fly!!
  2. What's up?
  3. Waiting on one more to come in.
    It will be worth the wait- some great looking bug!
  4. Guys, sorry for the hold up, its my fault. I had to make a last minute trip over seas and i contacted Ben offering to withdraw, but he said he would push the deadline back four days for me. The flies are on route as i write this, priority mail.

    Here's what i sent
  5. Those look well worth waiting for
  6. No problem Eunan, I just hadn't seen any action on the thread and thought I'd shake the bush. No worries, looks like it will be a good swap.
  7. All bugs are in. I'll swap them tonight, you should have them early next week at the latest!
    Some great looking bugs.
    I dont have the time to do the photos, if someone else could volunteer and post them, i'd appreciate it.

    Thanks again,
  8. Flies arrived today. Pa Bass better watch out.

    Thanks for the great flies folks.

  9. Got my flies saturday, great flies guys, thanks.
  10. I got my flies the other day. I am very pleased with the new addition to my bass fly box. Thank you for participating. A special thanks to Ben for hosting the swap.

  11. Thanks everyone for some great flies. And thanks to Ben for hosting the Swap.
  12. Ben, thanks for hosting this one. It's only my second swap, but definitely the best one! Thanks everyone for the great flies.
  13. That crayfish pattern I tied for the bass swap? Well, if you get a burning desire to fish for carp I'd bring it along. Caught my first carp on one. Big sucker too!

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