bass /panfish wenatchee area

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by sourdoughsmitty, Mar 3, 2013.

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    Well instead of constantly chasing steelhea an trout I was looking to fin out where in this area would be a good starting point for bass panfish and even walleye on the fly ,I am currently boat boatless so I have to be a bankie for awhile . any ideas? no I dont want to know your super secret spot that requires dna check and secret handshake just looking where to start patterns ? ,will also be secretly luring my grand daughter away from dads golf game :p thanx smitty
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    You're not to far from the Quincy lakes. Stan Coffin is managed for bass. Don't forget a 2-3wt for the panfish. I've fished it from shore and had luck, but a watercraft would make it easier.
    H lake is down the road from Stan. It's smaller and a little easier to cover from shore.
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    hey , thanx for the info , the other place I was thinking about was the series of ponds in rock island ,just have to wear a tin hat by the golf course:D thanx smitty